Rules of threeperson chess

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Rules of threeperson chess
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Chess is one of the oldest strategy games known to modern civilization. Most people are convinced that the “royal game” can only be played by two people. Meanwhile, there is a chess game that can be played by three people!

Chess is a game with great tradition

Originally, chess was called chaturanga. They were brought to Europe in the 11th century by Norwegian merchants returning from India. Over the centuries the game underwent various transformations. Today, chess can be played in tournaments, by correspondence, online or with the use of apps. Transformations of chess continue, but what remains the same is the chessboard and the pieces that face each other.

Three-player chess – how is it possible?

Is it even possible for three people to play a game of chess? It turns out that yes, although this form of play is still not very popular. To play three-person chess, one needs a special three-sided chessboard. The most common chessboard is one with 96 checkers, divided into 3 zones with 32 checkers for each player. Figures, pawns and fields on a chessboard differ between players in color.

Polish technological thought has its share in the construction of three-player chess. The owner of the patent for the three-player chessboard is a Pole. However, if you are not sure whether three-person chess is for you, you can try playing a few games on the Internet. This will provide a lot of entertainment to start with. Playing against virtual opponents is also a rival to face.

Three-person chess was invented by Jacek Filka. The owner of the patent of this game is Jerzy Luberda. It is a variety of chess designed to be played by three people.

Published by EDU WORLD Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Three player chess – rules of the game

Chess is a warlike strategic game played with 64 pieces on 64 fields by checkers and pieces. The rules of three-person chess are not significantly different from chess played by two players. When playing three-player chess, it is necessary to have a set of checkers and pieces. What is needed is a special chessboard and three sets of pieces and pawns, the same as in the standard set:
– eight pawns;
– two knights;
– two bishops;
– two rooks;
– a hetman;
– king.

Each player has a separate area, and the chessboard is divided into 3 zones of 32 fields each.

In traditional chess, the most important task is to defeat the opponent, through checkmate. In other words, positioning the pieces in such a way that the opponent is exposed to a beating with every move and cannot avoid it. In the case of three-player chess, the ending is slightly different from that of a traditional game. Because of the three players the game continues until the first mate is struck. The winner of the game is only the person who struck the first checkmate. Both players lose.

Three-man chess – the strategy of a higher level

Three-person chess is a game for those who seek new challenges and like to go beyond the usual patterns. The tactics used in classic chess don’t have to work here. The third player in the game can change everything. Many chess openings are only applicable to classic chess. A castling can prove to be ineffective.

In a three-player game, you have to think one more step ahead and make decisions faster. Always keep in mind that an attack can come from either opponent and that alliances are allowed. You should take advantage of the confusion created on the “battlefield” and situations in which the other players approach to beat your pawn. These types of circumstances will work to your advantage.

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