A treat for chess players. Try your hand against the famous Beth Harmon!

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Chandler Lee
A treat for chess players. Try your hand against the famous Beth Harmon!
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Despite the fact that more weeks have passed since its premiere, “The Queen’s Gambit” does not cease to break records of popularity and continues to enjoy gigantic acclaim from audiences around the world. This fact has been taken advantage of by chess.com, which offers its users a duel against a program that has the features of the main heroine of the story – Elizabeth Harmon!

“Queen’s Gambit” debuted on Netflix at the end of last year and immediately (although, we must admit, somewhat unexpectedly) made a real furore there. Many people were influenced by the series to start their adventure with chess, while others remembered the value of this royal game.

The goal of this courageous production has been more than accomplished – chess is now at the top of the game and there is nothing to indicate that it will leave the top in the near future. Suffice it to say that since the launch of the “Queen’s Gambit” the portal chess.com has gained a bagatelle 3.2 million new users! Now the platform’s players – especially those who got there thanks to the series – are in for a pleasant surprise.

For some time, through the service you can face a computer character at the level of Beth Harmon, who, defeating successive grandmasters, has become a great favorite of viewers. What’s important is that we don’t have to go straight into the sun and challenge Beth to a virtual duel at her peak. Her level has been divided by age: the main heroine being 8 (850), 9 (1200), 10 (1600), 15 (1800), 17 (2400), 20 (2500), or finally 22 years old (2700).

We’ve seen more than once that the human mind and decisions are not one hundred percent predictable, so it’s worth bearing in mind that Beth’s simulation will not match one-to-one the maneuvers employed by the beloved character. Nevertheless, the very fact of facing a bot on the level of a red-haired grandmaster will be a great pleasure and challenge for many.

In November, a new player decided to try his hand at a confrontation with Beth Harmon probably the most popular chess youtuber in Poland, so Marianczello Dominoni. How did it go for Maciej Domin? Check it out for yourselves!

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