How do the different figures in chess move?

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How do the different figures in chess move?
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The king must be defended at all costs. You have at your disposal, among others, a bishop, a rook or a knight. But do you know how they can move around the chessboard?

Basic rules of chess

The game involves two people. The game starts with the player who has the white pieces. The player who first kills the opponent’s king wins the game. It happens when the opponent doesn’t have any moves to defend the attacked king.

Before that there is checkmate, which is a dangerous situation. This is when you have to pull out the heaviest cannons to defend the king and save yourself from losing the whole game.

Pawns, pieces and moves

In order to start playing chess, you’ll need to learn the basic moves and capabilities of the troops deployed on the chessboard. Chess is of course nothing more than a strategic game of war. The basis of the game is a well-planned strategy, both in attack and defense. The pieces available in chess are pawns, rooks, bishops, knight, hetman (also called queen) and king. In tournaments, each of these pieces has a point value from 1 to 9.

How to start playing chess?

The basic thing to start with is the chessboard. Its setting is always the same, and the game is always started by the person with white pieces. The correct position is the one in which the player has a white field at the nearest line on the right side of the chessboard. Often these boxes are also marked with letters from A to H. In the first line the pieces are placed – the corners are occupied by rooks, next there are jumpers and then bishops. In the central part of a chessboard there is a place for the king and the hetman. Hetman (queen) stands on the field in his color. So, if we play with white pieces, we put her on the white field.

Initial setting of checkers on a chessboard 🙂

Published by Michal Kanarkiewicz Friday, March 2, 2018

Movements of individual chess pieces

Without knowing the rules, it’s hard to even think about playing effectively. On the web you can find quite a few guides on how to play chess. We have prepared a short download for people who are completely unfamiliar with the subject of chess. Here you can learn how to move around the board with particular pieces:

– theking – is the most important of the pieces. However, it is very weak. It can only move one field in each direction. The king can beat other pieces and pawns, but he cannot be beaten. The game ends when the king can’t change the field without attacking;

bishop – can only move diagonally on his own fields by any number of pips. The bishop can’t jump over the opponent’s pieces. In a game we have one bishop on black fields and one on white fields;

Rook can move any number of spaces both vertically and horizontally. The rook is one of the most important pieces, it is one of the so-called heavy pieces. Rook shows its power when it cooperates with other towers;

Jumper is a specific figure that moves in the shape of an L in different positions, which makes it extremely useful. Thanks to its ability to jump over its own and the opponent’s pieces, the Jumper is a unique asset. In closed positions it can open the opponent’s door, which may seem closed for good;

pawns – can only move and beat forward one field, the exception is the opening position when apawn can move two fields;

hetman – is the commander with the widest powers. He can move and beat other checkers and pieces in any direction and by any number of squares. Losing this piece is a painful blow, and if it’s not a deliberate action, it can mean losing the game.

Can anyone play chess?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’ve played chess before or whether it’s just the beginning, remember that chess is a game for everyone. You’ll have fun both when you decide to play against an opponent of the same level (then you have a chance to win) and when you play against a more experienced opponent (then you can learn a lot).

Chess is a demanding game – so mastering the basic rules is absolutely necessary. It may seem complicated at first, but remember that with intensive training you have a chance to reach the master level!

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