Interesting puzzle games that can be played by the whole family

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Chandler Lee
Interesting puzzle games that can be played by the whole family
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Puzzle games are an excellent way both to spend time with the family and to strain the gray cells. Which titles are worth paying attention to?


Genius lies in simplicity, and classic chess is clear proof of this. The royal game is currently experiencing a kind of renaissance and enjoys considerable interest, including among children and young people. It would not be controversial to say that until now no game has been created that would equally stimulate logical thinking in its players. Remembering how the figures move is just a drop in the ocean of difficulty – without mastering the basics (the theory of debuts) and the ability to build a long-term strategy, we have nothing to look for in chess. This is a very demanding game, which will, however, bring a lot of fun.

Although only two people can play chess at the same time, but why not create a friendly family tournament, where each participant will have the opportunity to face each other? In this way you can spend really long hours!


Beloved by all board game enthusiasts, “Dixit” is a fun, but not easy puzzle game for the whole family, based primarily on associations and out-of-the-box thinking.

At the beginning of each turn, the players each receive 6 cards decorated with beautiful illustrations. Then one person takes on the role of the Storyteller, whose task is to describe his chosen card with any association. It is worth noting that “Dixit” does not like to limit its players, so that we can use both well-known quotes or proverbs and slogans invented on the spot. 

The other participants choose from their decks the card they think best fits the association of the Fable. The culmination of the round is the unveiling of the selected illustrations and an attempt to identify the one belonging to the Fable.

“Settlers of Catan” (“Catan”)

A board puzzle game designed for lovers of devising long-term strategy. During the gameplay we play the role of one of the settlers of the title island of Catan, we lead a newly established colony. Our settlement, thanks to wise management, quickly begins to grow in strength and expand its reach. 

However, both the land and resources of the island are limited, which heralds the inevitable confrontation with colonies belonging to other players. Are you able to climb to the heights of planning skills to outwit your rivals and take over Catan? Without logical thinking, don’t move!


“Secret Keepers” arrived on the board game market relatively recently, but thanks to its unique character it has already managed to win the hearts of millions of players around the world. Participants in this game are divided into two teams, headed by Intelligence Chiefs. The board game, which is gaining in popularity, in a nutshell is about making contact with all the agents. 

It’s not so easy, however, because only the Intelligence Chiefs know under which code names on the cards the relevant agents are located. In a given turn, they give the rest of their team members one-word passwords linked to as many cryptonyms as possible – and these can be really ambiguous. The team whose players show more creativity and are the first to discover all their agents wins!

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