Camping accessories – what to equip your camper with?

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Chandler Lee
Camping accessories – what to equip your camper with?
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Going on an RV trip is certainly one of the best ways to spend your vacation. However, the problem that usually arises is its equipment. The most important thing to remember is that you can’t just go inside the campervan, but you can also go outside it. So what should we equip our caravan with to make every trip comfortable and successful?

Heating and cooling

The most important items you should equip your caravan with are undoubtedly both heating and cooling devices. It is very easy to get tired during a trip in hot weather, while a longer trip in winter can be very frustrating not only for the passengers but also for the driver. Caravanning issues and the right temperature can be solved with the help of heating systems. A stove will be ideal for larger campers, but be sure to choose one that has plenty of heating power. An equally good solution will be to install an indoor boiler to heat water. On hot days, a portable air conditioner that will be installed in the floor or under the ceiling will work well.

Travel stove

Long journeys without a meal are certainly something that cannot be endured. Eating out in roadside restaurants is not always good for your stomach and wallet. It is therefore worth equipping the camper van with a tourist stove, thanks to which you will be able to prepare hot meals. The advantage of these devices is that they can also be used outdoors. They are powered by gas cartridges, and on top of that they have an easy to use control system and infinite flame adjustment. The equipment doesn’t take up much space, so it will be great for smaller vehicles as well.

Travel gas cylinder

Gas is a very important energy carrier that is used in trailers and camping, and even more so when there is a refrigerator, parking heater or stove in the vehicles. These devices make travel more comfortable. Choosing a gas cylinder for the camper is quite simple. The main thing is that it should be lightweight, efficient and safe for both users and the environment. If you decide to buy a cylinder, you need to remember to buy a regulator and an adapter as well.

Toilet for the camper

Chemical toilets, which are used in campers, can be divided into portable and built-in. It is not easy to choose them, because there are many models on the market, which differ from each other in appearance and size. In larger campers, you can afford to install a permanent toilet, which will certainly affect the higher comfort of traveling. These types of models have a special tank, which is equipped with a special indicator that informs you when it needs to be emptied. If, however, we prefer to invest in simpler and cheaper solutions, then a portable toilet will definitely be a better choice. This kind of equipment can be easily adjusted to your requirements and needs.

What else should be in an RV?

It is a good idea to have a portable toilet in a campervan. This is when it is certainly worth adding other equipment. In addition to a stove, you will need cutlery and plates. These can be purchased in an eco edition or traditional sets, which will last longer. If you decide on the latter, a dish dryer will certainly come in handy. It is not an expensive piece of equipment, but it will certainly make drying the washed dishes easier and faster. The other useful pieces of equipment include a tent, a clothes dryer, chairs, tables, and carpeting that can be spread out in front of the camper. This will ensure a clean floor when camping in the wild.

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