What is ASG? A beginner’s guide

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Chandler Lee
What is ASG? A beginner’s guide
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Playing at war is a favorite pastime of little boys. Although as they get older some of their tastes change, the fondness for weapons remains. Check out what ASG is!

Paintball vs ASG

Probably everyone has heard about running on varied terrain, among abandoned buildings, old factories or camouflaged forest trenches. Paintball is a popular pastime that both adults and children can enjoy. Often company picnics for employees are arranged with this recreation in the leading role. If you were to ask random people what form of activity they associate with firearms, the answer would probably be paintball. The most important thing to remember is that you can’t just go out and play with your friends, but you can also go out and play with them.

ASG stands for Air Soft Gun. There is no need to explain it to military enthusiasts, but for most it still sounds mysterious. In short, it is replicas of weapons. Copies of firearms used by the military are used for simulation games, with the difference that instead of real ammunition, small plastic balls are used for shooting. If you want to start this amazing adventure, which will fascinate military enthusiasts, it is worth learning the basics, thanks to which you will know what equipment you should equip yourself with at the beginning. There are many possibilities, some of them are more affordable in terms of budget, while others require a bit more investment. So what to choose?

ASG weapons – the types available

Every gun enthusiast usually has his or her favorite model that he or she shoots best. When it comes to the equipment used for ASG, it can be divided according to the type of propulsion system, with the help of which a plastic ball is fired.

Spring guns – a stream of air is used to fire the ball. After each shot, the user must re-tension the spring.

Gas guns – the ball escapes from the barrel with the help of gas (carbon dioxide is often used, among other things) – this type of solution is a bit more technologically advanced and makes it unnecessary for the shooter to reload the weapon after the shot is fired.

Electric weapon – this type of weapon is the most expensive solution. Firing is possible thanks to a special electric motor. It allows for the highest efficiency of shooting.

Fun, safety and fair play

There is one more difference between paintball and ASG. In case of paintball the fact that someone was hit is visible at the first glance – a colored stain appears on the outer clothing. In ASG the whole game is based on fair play principles. Hitting with a small ball does not leave any trace on the uniform. The honorable player himself admits that he was hit by a bullet by raising his hand.

When conducting an ASG game, one must remember first of all about the safety of the participants. Each person participating in the game should wear special glasses, because accidentally hitting the eye with a plastic ball can even result in loss of vision in extreme cases. ASG glasses should have the appropriate certificate confirming their safety.

The first ASG game – what should you have with you?

If you’re going for your first ever game, and you’re not 100% sure whether this momentary hobby will turn into a long-term passion, a better idea than buying a replica gun will be to rent it. It is worth remembering about the appropriate outfit. At the very beginning you should allocate money for buying shoes – the best are military boots – high, ankle-high, with decent laces. Complete uniforms can be obtained without much trouble in stores with military equipment. Helmets for head protection are also available there.

ASG – entertainment for everyone?

As a rule, this is an activity that is mainly aimed at adults. You need to be in good shape and have an accurate eye. Many people say that it is impossible to be indifferent to ASG. Either this passion absorbs the participant for good, or he simply will not understand it and will stay away from games of this type.

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