Bowling – A Beginner’s Primer

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Bowling – A Beginner’s Primer
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Bowling is a game that is becoming increasingly popular in Poland. Companies organizing integration events often decide to choose bowling alley as a place of entertainment for employees. The game itself is not complicated and simply consists in making all the pins with as few “balls” as possible. What else a beginner bowler should know?

What is the game of bowling?

Bowling is a variation of the game of bowling balls, the history of which began in ancient times. The player’s task is to knock down all the pins, which stand at the end of a wooden lane. The player has only a ball with a circumference of 27 inches and with different weights at his disposal, so he can choose the one he finds easiest to control. The player’s goal is to knock down all the pins on the first throw. If he fails, he has the opportunity to try again to complete the task. Points are counted according to how many throws the player needed to knock down the pins or how many he managed to knock down in two throws. The game is played over ten rounds, and the player with the most points wins.

Bowling rules

As already mentioned, a game of bowling consists of ten rounds in which each player can bowl a maximum of two shots. The last round ending the game is unique, because it allows to add one more – the third throw. The main idea and goal of the players is to knock down all ten pins on the first throw, possibly in two attempts. Points are counted for the number of thrown pins.

The points are awarded in a bonus way, provided that the pins are knocked down at the first attempt. Then, the player receives the so-called strike, i.e. ten points at once and double this number for the knocked down pins in the following rounds. Spare is when the player manages to knock down ten pins in two attempts. The last round, the tenth round, allows players to score two additional throws if they manage to get a strike earlier.

Special situations include a split, which means that after the first throw the pins are so far apart that there is no way to knock them down in the next approach. On the other hand, if after the second throw the pins remain on the square, it is called an open frame. The score obtained by the player in such a round is equivalent to the number of pins knocked down. It is very important during the match to respect the burn line. It defines the place where the player’s foot should stop. Moreover, there are two additional horizontal lines on the lane at a distance of 4.5 m and 3.6 m. It is much easier for younger bowling students to play when they choose a shorter run. This sport is also played in special shoes, the sole of which allows for minimal slipping.

Bowling variations

For many people who are not familiar with the game of bowling, it seems that there is only one classic version of it. However, there are actually two basic types of the sport to be distinguished. Bowling is the classic version, known as bowling. In it, players have balls with three holes and aim at ten posts. Classic bowling is slightly different, as in this case the ball does not have any finger holes and nine cones are set up on the lane. The game can be divided into an even more specific classification, which includes floor bowling, classic bowling, bowling and bowls.

How to choose a bowling ball?

The basis of bowling is the ball, which is thrown into the posts standing at the end of the lane. It is very important for each player to choose the right one according to his predispositions. Certainly at the beginning there are problems with this, because you need to feel the strength of the throw and the weight of the ball. In addition, you should pay attention to the proper positioning of the fingers. The thumb should be entirely inside it, while the middle fingers can enter the second knuckle at the most. The hand should be adjacent to the ball, not squeezing it, but only controlling the position and trajectory during the throw.

Did you know that in order to play bowling well, it is necessary to choose the balls, first of all, in the aspect of weight and holes, which…

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