Learning to play golf: how to perfect putting?

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Chandler Lee
Learning to play golf: how to perfect putting?
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If you’re going to win on the golf course, you can’t do without knowing the putt, the most important rules of which we have collected for you in this article.

Putt is a shot from the green or a short distance from it. This simple play, however, causes many problems for beginners. Unfamiliarity with the basics often results in players trying to find the best position for themselves, actually losing the chance for an easy victory. So if you want to perform better than others, you have come to the right place.

Technique is the most important thing

When you are preparing to hit, remember that proper technique is key. Puttting is an easy thing to do as long as you get it right. Position yourself in the direction of the target and then hit it accurately. Excessive force is unnecessary.

1. Head alignment – Remember that the alignment of the putter head will determine the direction of the ball. It is a misconception that the path of the club is the key to success. Try to align the ball with the target. The balls usually have a line, so you can draw one. Then place the putter head behind the ball, in the correct position relative to it. The putter must be perpendicular to the direction of impact when the club and ball make contact.

2. The direction is not the same as the target. Given all the variety of terrain, remember that “target” does not necessarily equate to the “direction” the ball must take to hit the hole. The head of the putter, upon contact with the ball, must be perpendicular to the direction.

3. Remember to position your body correctly so that it is parallel to the line drawn earlier.

4. Position your feet well.

5. Your pose must be comfortable. Hands opposite each other, but under your shoulders. Sight over the ball, ball to the left of center.

Remember that your position must be correct, this is very important. The direction of the ball will depend on it. Therefore, at the moment of impact with the putter move only your hands and arms. The rest: legs, torso and head, freeze. With your eyes you follow the ball all the time, but you move your head only after hitting the ball. For short putts, you can safely wait until the ball falls into the hole.

Looking behind the ball is a natural reflex. Tearing your head away, however, can have its consequences in golf. Every time before you reposition your head, make sure the putt has already been made. Sometimes it’s safer to hear you pass the hole than to see it.

Putting – practice and hitting

At impact, don’t analyze your movements. Set the ball up and hit it. Just remember your stance, let it get into your blood. Know that different angles of your body will also result in a different trajectory of the ball. The more upright you are, the bigger the curve the ball should make, while the more slanted you are, the more straight you can drive the club.

Also, never train in such a way that you will set several balls next to each other and try to hit them all from the same position. Try to line them up at different distances. A longer putt means a longer swing. More challenge equals better results. Remember to draw a line with the ball and you will surely do well.

5 exercises for better putting

Exercise on the rail
Take a handful (ten to even twenty) of balls, and a rail and lay it in a straight line from the hole. This way, you will be able to learn how to hit the ball correctly. The ball should roll down the rail to the target. Don’t be discouraged, reaching the pro level is a 10/10 hit.

Foot Ladder
Put the ball in the ground off the tee three feet from the hole. If you hit, move it a foot further and so on up to a distance of ten feet.

Stack two coins on top of each other. Then position yourself as you would for a normal putt and try to make the stroke so that the top coin slips and the bottom coin stays in place.

Gate grill
Exercise known to every golfer, an absolute classic. Position yourself one and a half meters from the hole and drive two tees. The span between them should be one putter head. Place the ball in the middle. Draw a parallel line between the hole and the resulting goal and start practicing. Hit ten balls with your right hand and ten balls with your left hand until you hit all twenty balls.

Lay out two one-meter long slides or boards, staked, about six putter heads apart. Then make 20 strokes that are perfectly perpendicular to the guides.

It is especially helpful to train your posture and muscle development. This advice is especially true if you are new to golf. We’ve included a video below to help you gain a basic understanding of what muscles are most active during your game so that you can better take care of their development.

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