The golfer’s guide: How to stay in shape over the winter?

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Chandler Lee
The golfer’s guide: How to stay in shape over the winter?
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With snow blanketing the courses, gusty winds and sharp frosts keeping you outdoors, it would seem that you should put your golf clubs away for the winter months and wait for it to warm up again. However, we advise another path – the path of exercises that will allow you to prepare before the coming season

In a healthy body healthy spirit

First, remember that golf – like any other elite sport – requires both physical and intellectual fitness. In winter, you can devote yourself a little more to strength and endurance exercises, such as attend a gym, as a result of which your strokes will be stronger and you will reduce the risk of injury (shoulder, back, and especially lumbar). In turn, exercises on precision, logical thinking, strategic moves, etc., will allow you to make better decisions on the golf course itself.

What exercises to do in winter?

You can do most of these exercises at home, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just your private space. Many sports arenas provide their fields (usually for free) where you can practice your strokes, precision, etc. with the proper equipment.

Grinding speed and precision

For these exercises, it’s a good idea to equip yourself with two pieces of equipment: SKLZ PERFECT PLANE and CHIP CLICK. Both allow you to improve your skills both in a closed space and on the green. Let’s start with the first device, which is the basis of every golfer, because it improves the ability of putting in a straight line, regardless of whether you are in the open, in the hall or in the living room. The second device is also a useful gadget that controls the accuracy of the putt. If we make a mistake during the activity, CHIP CLICK will immediately signal us


Chipping is a duel with a ladder. For this exercise we need only the ladder, and of course the ball and the club. The principle is very simple and allows you to improve the precision and strength of the hit. We hit in the gaps between the rungs of the ladder and we just go higher and higher. Simple, right?

Mat practice

Another way to practice golf at home is with mats. There are many mats and they are used to practice different plays. Let’s list the most important ones:

  • WellPut – a simple mat;
  • Tour links putting green – an elaborate irregular shaped mat;
  • SkyTrak – an interactive mat with a simulator.

The first of them (WellPut) is ideal for the beginning, it is a mat that allows you to develop basic skills such as accuracy, strength, etc. The first one (WellPut) is perfect to start with, it’s a mat that allows you to develop basic skills like aiming, strength etc. It’s long and simple, so you might not expect much from it. In reality, however, we can master the most important skills on this mat, which makes it the most important mat of all

The second one (Tour links) has more sophisticated shapes. It does not always have to be the same shape, the sides can be wavy, straight, curved, etc. Tour links allow you to practice different strokes from different angles.

Last is SkyTrak, which is an interactive mat. In this case, however, we need to reserve some space in the apartment to place: the mat, the projector and the wall screen. However, the number of things that can be practiced on this mat is incredible and virtually inexhaustible.

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