Social competition for paper millions. Get to know board games based on famous tele-tournaments!

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Social competition for paper millions. Get to know board games based on famous tele-tournaments!
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Teletournaments have enjoyed a sizable audience of avid viewers for years. Many of us perhaps even dream of taking part in such a program, although few succeed. But what if it turns out that we can play a game show… without leaving the house? Here are “Millionaires” and “Bet a Million” in board version!

“Millionaires” – a board game

Despite the fact that the TV show “Millionaires” has been on screens for more than two decades, it still boasts a huge audience. The accessible form of the quiz show, combined with interesting questions, has earned it a number of devoted fans. And when we add to this the fact that the game is played for one million zlotys, a picture emerges of an incredibly exciting game, which viewers experience together with the participants. How does the board version of “Millionaires” compare to the original?

The board game “Millionaires” is designed for 2-4 players who have reached the age of 12. Interestingly, unlike the TV show, the participants of the game change roles every turn – this way everyone has the opportunity to try their hand at both the role of the host and the person answering the questions. Following the model of a quiz show, we have four answers to each question, and the level of difficulty increases with each round. In the game we are also entitled to three thresholds of the guaranteed sum. These are, in turn, 10 thousand zlotys, 40 thousand zlotys and finally, of course, the round million. As you can see, the game works on the principles of its TV counterpart.

Are there lifebuoys in the game? By all means! The “half-and-half” variant looks identical to that of the quiz show – so two answers are covered up. “Question to the audience” means so much that all rivals can, and even should, help us. In “call to a friend” we have the opportunity to look into the answer of one of the opponents. The board game is an almost perfect copy of the TV hit and provides almost the same amount of excitement!

“Bet a million”

The second of the most popular Polish quiz shows is “Bet a million.” What is it about and how does it translate into a game with the same title?

The board game “Bet a million”, like “Millionaires”, does not differ much in rules from the TV original. In this case, already at the beginning of the game we find ourselves in possession of a round million zlotys. The whole difficulty of the game is to keep as much money as possible until the last question. There are 8 rounds per game – in each round one of the two-person teams of participants chooses one category of question from two possibilities. After making a choice, the team is first presented with four answer options, followed by a question. The key element of the game is to bet money on the correct answer in our opinion. The questions are not the easiest, so it may be necessary to place money on several variants in such a way that one of them remains blank. Money wagered on wrong answers is forfeited.

“Bet a million” is a fun game for lovers of social games, who are not afraid of risks, and also have a lot of knowledge on a variety of topics. Emotions here are like in the bank!

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