A dream marine aquarium – which path to take?

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Chandler Lee
A dream marine aquarium – which path to take?
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If the beauty of a coral reef and its inhabitants enchanted us so much that we wanted this piece of beauty for ourselves and thought of setting up a marine aquarium, then at the beginning of the way leading to fulfilling our dreams we need to acquire necessary knowledge that will allow us to choose our own path that is the most suitable for us.

When browsing through various websites and internet forums we come across many concepts (sometimes contradictory) related with setting up and keeping a marine aquarium. When asked what size it should be, the most common answer is: as large as possible. And here the classic question immediately arises: does size matter?

The proponents of as large tanks as possible – it seems – reasonably argue that aquariums of a few hundred liters more closely reflect conditions on a coral reef, moreover, it is easier to maintain stable parameters in them and they certainly make a greater impression on observers. Therefore, to achieve this, we can use the services of companies that will professionally design and build an aquarium in our home, company or office, offering also service. The only thing left for us to do is to admire the beauty with which we can interact on a daily basis.

One may also follow another path and choose simply such large aquarium that we can afford financially, in terms of housing or time. The important thing is that the final effect that impresses with its beauty is the result of our ingenuity, hard work, patience and diligence. Size is of secondary importance in this case, and certainly not a guarantee of success or a synonym of beauty.

Success can also be achieved by deciding on the smallest marine aquarium, i.e. nano or pico reef. Many marine aquarists, however, rather discourage such a solution because, contrary to appearances, it is difficult. Maintaining stable parameters and especially care requires regularity (weekly water changes) and diligence (e.g. regular and thorough algae cleaning, proper selection and dosage of preparations). Thanks to the small size of an aquarium, however, we can do it very precisely and react quickly when we notice alarming symptoms.

You can hire a company for setting up and servicing, you can have a large aquarium, or set up a small one, that owes its existence to us – that we’ve been taking care of and nurtured, so that its inhabitants felt best, and our miniature reef was beautiful and pleasing to the eye. So that we could proudly say: this is my marine aquarium.

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