How to keep an aquarium clean?

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How to keep an aquarium clean?
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Every aquarium hobbyist knows that a well-kept aquarium with clear water is not only an aesthetic decoration of the room, but also perfect conditions for keeping fish. But how to keep aquarium water and the aquarium itself clean?

Why is keeping clear water important?

An aquarium should provide the fish with conditions similar to those in their natural environment. To achieve this, it is important to create a suitable bacterial flora. This will protect the organisms from algae and protozoa. Dirty, greenish or cloudy water is a sign that the correct flora and pH of the water have not been maintained, and this in turn means that the environment for aquatic creatures is not good for them.

The correct filter

For clear water in an aquarium you first need a good filter. It purifies the water from undesired substances, e.g. algae, food remains, plant remains or fish waste.

The filter sponge contains nitrifying bacteria that are responsible for the biological water purification. This involves converting toxic compounds into less harmful nitrates. Fish and plants produce harmful metabolic products, and their accumulation in the aquarium can lead to the water changing color and becoming unclear. In order to keep the tank in proper condition and to provide the organisms with optimal living conditions, you should purchase the correct filter and not forget about its care.

Water cleaners

In addition to the filter itself, its proper maintenance is equally important, as well as the removal of impurities from it. To maintain good water quality, a certain amount of water in the aquarium should be changed at least once a week, and silt should be removed from the bottom of the tank. This will improve the water clarity and dilute the pollutants.

Algae and protozoa can be dealt with by using suitable preparations that can be purchased in pet stores. You can choose from biological agents for algae control or special water clarifiers. These will restore the balance of bacterial flora in the aquarium.

You will find high-quality filters as well as all products that help to keep your aquarium clean in the online pet store

How often should I clean the aquarium?

Many factors decide this. The first one is the tank volume. The larger the aquarium, the less work is required. Aquariums rich in greenery must be cleaned of dead leaf fragments and roots, but the water must be changed much less frequently. This is due to the fact that in large aquariums planted with plants it is easier to keep the water close to the biological equilibrium. Plants act as water filters and absorb harmful compounds.

All tasks, such as cleaning the filter, removing algae from the equipment and the glass, and cleaning silt from the bottom should be done at least once every two weeks.

You should not change more water than about 1/3 of the aquarium capacity at a time, as this may harm the fish. The water added to the aquarium should be treated with special preparations beforehand. They neutralize chlorine, heavy metals etc., and protect the gills and mucous membranes of the fish. It is also necessary to clean the aquarium from outside once in a while.

Is it possible to limit cleaning of the aquarium?

Yes, it is. The filters should run 24 hrs. a day for this purpose. It is advisable to set up the aquarium away from windows, and to light the tank with artificial light instead of sunlight. Breeding fish and snails, which feed on algae, can also be a good solution.

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