RC modeling – what remote control aircraft should I choose to start with?

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RC modeling – what remote control aircraft should I choose to start with?
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Do you want to buy an RC plane, but you are just beginning your adventure with modeling and do not know what to choose to start? We will help you choose your first RC aircraft!

What kind of RC aircraft to choose at the beginning?

Despite appearances, the answer is simple: one that is easy to control. It is worth it that the first RC plane is characterized by a small load on the airfoil, that is, has as little weight of the whole model in relation to the wing area. In this way, the errors of the controller do not have such a large impact on the control of the aircraft. If you’re looking for your first RC airplane, opt for a model with friendly flight characteristics, such as one of the more stable in-flight RC gliders or high-winged monoplanes.

Choose an impact-resistant model

If you’re just learning to drive a remote-controlled aircraft, you’re more than likely going to score a few spectacular crashes. It’s perfectly normal for an RC model to spin out of control a few times before you learn to control it with confidence. That is why you should bet on a model made of a decent material. We especially recommend models made of EPP foam. This seemingly inconspicuous material resembling styrofoam is extremely flexible, which makes it difficult to break. Thanks to this, the planes made of EPP foam are resistant to damage. However, if you have a crash and the EPP foam RC plane gets damaged, don’t worry! You can repair it with cyanoacrylate glue or UHU POR glue.

RTF, ARF, KIT – what do these abbreviations mean on the packaging of remote control airplanes?

While browsing through various remote control airplanes, you are bound to come across the abbreviations RTF, ARF and KIT. Check out what they mean!

RTF means “ready to fly”. This is the perfect kit to get you started! An RTF RC plane is equipped with an engine and its regulator, it has mechanisms that move the rudders, and a control receiver and transmitter. In such a kit you will probably also find a rechargeable drive battery and a charger. Keep in mind, however, that an RTF model is not a ready-to-run model out of the box! Before you can get started with your remote-controlled aircraft, you will need to glue some parts together. This is not time-consuming, but you will only be able to start the plane once the glue is dry.

ARF (almost ready to fly). In this kit, you will not find the control transmitter and receiver and, in all likelihood, the battery.

KIT – for experienced modelers. Model marked KIT does not contain any electronic equipment.

RC plane electric or combustion – which to choose at the beginning?

Each of the drives has its ardent supporters as well as staunch critics. It is impossible to decide which drive is better. Learn about their main features before you make your decision.

Internal combustion engine:
– realistic sounds produced by the engine,
– constant engine power,
– are used in larger aircraft,
– are not maintenance free, require mixture adjustments, plugs and fuel selection.

Electric motor:
– are maintenance free,
– Brushless motors have a long life span.

Match the size of your RC aircraft to where you will be flying it!

Remember that a large RC model requires flying in an open space without trees. This space must be open, and at the same time, the pilot must have good visibility. A large RC plane also means more trouble transporting it to the flying site. We recommend smaller models when you do not have a larger space.

Featured photo: Pixabay / AllThingsCoastal

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