What is always a good idea to pack for fishing?

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Chandler Lee
What is always a good idea to pack for fishing?
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A one- or multi-day fishing trip is a great opportunity to relax in nature. However, if you want your trip to make sense, you need to prepare properly. We suggest what to take with you to make your fishing trip more enjoyable

Clothing for different weather conditions

When packing for a fishing trip, it is worth remembering that the weather has a way of changing frequently. Therefore, it is a good idea to be prepared for these changes. Take light clothing for hot afternoons, a warmer sweatshirt or sweater for the evening, a waterproof raincoat with a hood, a jacket to protect you from annoying wind, and a flannel shirt and long pants to protect you from mosquitoes. And don’t forget a hat to protect your head during the hours spent in the sun. You can also opt for typical fishing clothing. There’s a great selection on the market today, so you can get jackets, vests, boots, pants, overalls, sweatshirts, shirts, pants, shorts, and even special socks, underwear, or gloves.

It is a good idea to check what the weather will be like before you leave. This will help you pack accordingly. Remember also that in case of outdoor activities, when you plan to spend the whole day outside, the “onion” method will work best

Fishing equipment

When going for a few days of fishing, it is worth taking spare equipment with you. First of all, extra floats will come in handy. Spare models can turn out to be very useful, especially in large thickets and bushes. Because they break off quite easily, it is worth to have them in reserve

The situation is similar with hooks, which are also not difficult to break. It’s a good idea to take different sizes of hooks with you, so you can be sure that lack of proper accessories won’t spoil your fishing

Spare fishing lines will also come in handy, as they can stretch and lose their properties when caught by big fish or snags. That’s why it is a necessary piece of equipment.

You can’t forget about groundbait, either. It’s worth to have two kinds: sweet and one with an intensive smell. Fish react differently, so it’s better to be prepared for that

A range of lures is also useful: natural live baits, protein balls and artificial lures. A longer fishing trip means that a lot can happen and you need to be prepared for that. However, the most important thing is to choose lures according to the fishing method.

Don’t forget to bring a comfortable fishing chair and an umbrella to protect from rain or sun. After all, a fishing trip is all about relaxation.

All these accessories and spare equipment need to be packed in something, too. So it is worth choosing a comfortable and convenient fishing backpack, which will hold everything.

What else to remember?

If you are going on a several-day fishing trip, you should also be prepared for the night. Therefore, it is essential to bring a tent, a bed and a fishing sleeping bag. This is extremely important because it will provide you with the right conditions to rest

Also, remember to bring accessories such as a hiking stove and a set of utensils, a bowl, a pot, a thermos and similar kitchen items. Do not forget about hygienic items. On a trip lasting several days you will need soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush and a towel.
As far as organizational matters are concerned, it’s worth checking before you leave what the parking situation is like, in commercial fishing grounds it’s necessary to check the fees, and in waters under the supervision of the Polish Angling Association (PZW), read the applicable rules and regulations. In addition, remember to take your fishing card, so that your trip does not end with a fine.

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