New types of lures – are they really more effective than traditional ones?

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Chandler Lee
New types of lures – are they really more effective than traditional ones?
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Until recently anglers had only natural lures to choose from. Many people still use them, but along with the development of the fishing industry, you can find new, artificial lures on store shelves. What are the characteristics of such products?

Natural lures and their types

What kinds of natural lures can we deal with? The first of them are the ones of natural origin – live ones. The most popular of them are white worms, or fly larvae. Carp and roach most often take this kind of bait. Red worms are popular with perches and breams. The above mentioned lures are also often used as an ingredient of groundbait. You can get them on your own or buy them in a fishing store. They are available in small, made of plastic boxes with holes that guarantee optimal air circulation.

It is also worth mentioning here baits of plant origin, which are especially liked by fish from the carp family. This category includes grains of wheat, hemp, pearl barley and corn. Dough is also a natural bait, most often caught by crucian carp, carp and bream.

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Artificial lures

The second category of lures are the artificial ones. They are characterized by the fact that synthetic materials are used in their production. This type of products by their shape and the way they move are similar to fish and creatures living in water. Artificial lures are most often used for catching predatory fish using the spinning method.

There are many products of this type on store shelves, which makes it easier to match them to the species of fish we want to catch. When choosing such a lure, one should also take into account the feeding surplus of the animal and the place where the fishing will take place. One of the most popular types of artificial lures is the so-called tinsel, which reflects sunlight. This makes it very visible, and thus effectively encourages the fish to attack.

Products of this type can be divided into hard and soft. In the first case we can deal with spoons, among others. These are objects made of metal sheet, which are supposed to imitate small fish. They are the favourite food of predators, such as zander or pike. How is this type of lure constructed? A hook and small tails are attached to it. This makes it well visible for fish. Lures like spoons are mostly dedicated to experienced anglers. This is because they require leading them just above the bottom.

Another popular product of this type are spinners. What distinguishes such artificial lures is that they rotate around their own axis in an extremely dynamic way. This creates currents and water vibrations, which effectively encourage fish to attack. Spinners usually come in bright, expressive colors and are decorated with elements such as feathers or snags.

Another type of hard artificial lures are wobblers, which imitate live fish very effectively. They can consist of 2 or more segments, which is supposed to imitate the natural movement of the animal as effectively as possible. Such lures are very good for fishing on demanding terrain.

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When it comes to soft baits, however, they are most often produced from rubber and are brightly colored. This category includes, among others, rippers, which look similar to small fish. Twisters are also worth mentioning here. These lures consist of a body and a coiled tail. Such construction makes them deceptively similar to live worms.

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