Combinations, chews, creativity – why play checkers?

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Chandler Lee
Combinations, chews, creativity – why play checkers?
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Checkers is a timeless game for the whole family. They shape logical thinking and develop the intellect. Below are a few reasons why it is worth playing this game!

A way to spend time with the family

Board games are a great way to spend time with your family. If you have no idea how to fill a dreary autumn evening, reach for chess or checkers. One thing is certain – you won’t be bored! What’s important, the game of checkers is relatively simple. Even the younger members of the family should have no problems understanding the rules of the game.

Learning healthy competition

Your child should be able to compete with his or her peers for better grades at school or teacher recognition. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition. It is at home that children can learn to compete by playing games with their parents. It is worth motivating the child to develop its skills, to look for new paths of development, and above all to ask questions when it does not know something. Thanks to this, the child will learn how to compete in a group and will be able to find himself or herself in both winning and losing situations.

Development of logical thinking

Checkers, just like chess, develops logical thinking skills. They teach planning and drawing conclusions. To win, you have to figure out your opponent’s tactics. A pawn can only move on dark fields and you have to plan your game in such a way as to be better than your opponent. Checkers is a social game which brings a lot of excitement regardless of age.

Why checkers?

– they teach logical and constructive thinking,
– they develop creative activity,
– they improve: memory,…

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Shaping tactical skills

Tactics and more tactics. Even when you play checkers just for fun, you still probably want to win and think about how to outwit your opponent. You can only win the game if your opponent loses all his pawns, or if you block his movement. You have to hurry, otherwise your opponent might be the better one!

First contact with defeat

Life is definitely not a series of victories and successes; in the sports arena, in your personal or professional life. Regardless of whether you’ll treat a game of checkers only as entertainment and a way of spending nice time with your family or every game will have a purely sporting character for you, one thing is certain – sooner or later (usually sooner) you’ll meet a player stronger than you. You have to know how to lose, although it’s not a pleasant feeling. Learning to play checkers can bring many benefits to children, and learning to lose with honor is one of the most important.

How to start adventure with checkers?

Checkers game is not very complicated. All you need to play is a board, pawns and another person. If you don’t have a partner to play with, not everything is lost yet. You can also play checkers on computer. But remember to set the right difficulty level, otherwise you can lose in a few moments. Checkers is a social game but also a sport game.

Checkers – is it worth playing?

As it turns out, checkers game can be extremely interesting. It has many advantages. It teaches thinking and allows to develop skills which in the future will prove useful in competition with other players. Playing checkers can develop logical thinking, the ability to predict and draw conclusions. It’s also a great way to spend time with family or friends.

If you’ve never played checkers, it’s high time to catch up. Learn the rules and find a companion to play with. You’ll have a lot of fun playing checkers, whether you’re 7 or 77. The game is relatively inexpensive. You can get a checkers game board at a toy store for as little as a dozen gold.

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