What to consider when choosing a dartboard?

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What to consider when choosing a dartboard?
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Dart (or darts game) is a popular club game, which can also be successfully played at home or in a hotel club. If you want to start your adventure with this type of activity, you should get yourself a special target. What should be taken into account when choosing it? Here are some practical tips on this subject.

Sisal or electronic dartboard?

In the past, dartboards were made of wood, which had to be regularly soaked in water to preserve its natural properties. Nowadays, it is much more common to find a sisal dartboard. It is made from a tropical plant – the sisal agave, or more precisely from its leaves. When a dart is removed from the dartboard, the hole quickly disappears as the sisal fiber returns to its original shape. What are the main advantages of the sisal disc? It is almost noiseless, which makes it ideal for the home. The dart hitting the disc makes virtually no noise here. Discs of this type can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are widely available, and the cheapest models can be purchased for as little as several dozen zloty. As far as disadvantages are concerned, sisal discs are a bit heavier than electronic ones. What is more, the players have to count their points by themselves.

Electronic discs are another solution available. What are their main advantages? They count the points automatically, and some models additionally give the result as a voice message and offer programs for various games. The discs of this type are cheap – they can be purchased for as little as several dozen zloty. They are also characterized by low weight. What are the disadvantages of electronic dartboards? The number of players is limited. The exact number depends on the model, but on average it is between 1 and 16 people. Electronic dartboards are noisy, both in terms of the sound of the dart hitting the surface and the sound of the score being read out. They are less resistant to mechanical damage and can only be used indoors.

A very important element of every dartboard is the spider, the wire that separates the scoring areas from each other. In cheap models, it is round, thick and attached with caps that take up the playing space. Darts hitting this type of cap usually fall to the floor and do not score points. In championship dart targets, the stick has a triangular profile. It is much smaller and embedded in sisal. Even if the player hits it with a dart, the risk of falling to the floor is relatively small here.

The right place for the dart disc and the distance from it

The dartboard has been bought. Now it is time to hang it on the wall. A dartboard of this type does not take up much space, being only 45 centimeters in diameter. It is important to keep the space around it clear. The dartboard should never be hung in the immediate vicinity of clocks or paintings, as a missed throw can cause permanent damage. Do not place delicate furniture or glass tables directly under the table. This is due to the fact that some of the darts hitting the disc bounce and fall to the floor. It is important to protect the floor in the area just below the target with a soft carpet for example. There should be some free space underneath the face so that the players can throw freely.

At what height should I hang the disc and at what distance from it should I position myself to play? It should be at a height of 173 centimeters, measured from the floor to the center of the target. It should be placed at a distance of 237 centimeters from the thrower. The center of the target should be 293 centimeters from the throwing line (measured in a line from the center of the target to a point on the floor where the player is standing).

Where you hang your target – on the wall, a door, or a special stand – doesn’t really matter. The important thing is.

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