Speedball and woodsball – what are the differences between the main paintball varieties?

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Speedball and woodsball – what are the differences between the main paintball varieties?
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Paintball is a team game that is very popular. However, not many people know that there are different variations of this game, such as speedball or woodsball. We explain what the differences are!

The variety of paintball games

Everyone knows, at least vaguely, what this popular team game is. If you say paintball among your friends, you will immediately associate it with running in the woods or in an abandoned factory, shooting at each other with paintball guns. Experienced players realize that this game is full of variety. The two primary variations are speedball and woodsball. Both terms sound quite mysterious.

Paintball as a sport

The game of paintball can be thought of as a game of skill. And this is where speedball comes in, being a sport variant of paintball. The shooting takes place in an enclosed area. It can be a specially prepared field or a square full of obstacles. The basic rule is that the more obstacles, the more interesting! Each game is a separate match. In the world of paintball there are various leagues associating players and they set the rules of the games, e.g. how the points are counted during the game. It is worth mentioning the European Paintball Federation or the Polish Paintball League. The player has to act fast. The area is small and full of artificial obstacles. The goal is always the same – to find an opponent and shoot him with a marker. The winner will be the team which is not only more efficient in its actions, but also the one in which communication between players has been mastered to perfection.

There are two main varieties of paintball: SPEEDBALL and WOODSBALL.

Speedball – the game takes place on a limited …

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Woodsball – an outdoor game

Woodsball is an entertainment of a slightly different nature than speedball. The game in this case takes place in an open space. The conditions are natural, so a perfect place will be a forest or an area after an abandoned industrial plant. The larger the space, the more challenging the players will be. When planning the gameplay, you need to take care of proper camouflage. It will allow to perfectly blend into the environment, so that the opponent will have a problem with tracking the players. The player’s clothing with its colors resembles a military uniform. Such clothing works especially well in the forest. The tactics of conducted actions is extremely important. Not only do you have to locate the opponent in a large open space, but you also have to predict how the opposing team will want to attack. This is an incredibly addictive game that can keep players engrossed for hours.

Speedball vs woodsball – which to choose?

Fancy a game of paintball? Get a team together and let’s go! Whether you decide on speedball or woodsball will depend on which type of game is closer to your interests. If you prefer a more structured game that takes place in a small area, then go for speedball. If, on the other hand, you want to spend more time running around in the open air, you’re not afraid of mud and forest obstacles, and you’re a real master of camouflage, then woodsball will be a better idea for spending a free afternoon with your friends. This second type of paintball is definitely more extreme than speedball, which has a tournament character. You have to rely not only on your shooting skills and fitness, but also on tactics and the art of hiding in the woods.

Why is paintball so popular?

Paintball is a game for everyone. You can have a lot of fun with it regardless of your age. You have no idea how to spend a day with your friends? Organize a paintball game! It will be an opportunity for teamwork – relations between you will have a chance to enter a completely different dimension. Paintball allows you to test yourself in terms of physical fitness and tactical skills.

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