Caravanning in the wild – how to travel by campervan without camping?

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Caravanning in the wild – how to travel by campervan without camping?
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Caravanning is a great idea for a dream vacation with your family or a bunch of friends. What you need to know about wild camping? Is such accommodation allowed everywhere? Find out how to travel by camper van without having to visit camp sites regularly!

Camping – comprehensive infrastructure at your fingertips

Travelling by camper van is becoming increasingly popular. This way of travelling gives you a lot of independence. You don’t have to book accommodation in advance, because you can plan your trip as you go along.

A well-equipped camper van has everything your heart desires. You don’t have to worry about spartan conditions – in an RV you will find a tourist toilet, a shower, a comfortable place to sleep as well as a shower. Some models have additional equipment: air conditioning, TV and many others.

If you want to take full advantage of all the amenities, you’ll probably choose to visit a campsite. Throughout Europe, you can find campsites where accommodation is offered at an attractive price. On the one hand, such a place is an excellent infrastructure. You have access to electricity and water. You can also dispose of your waste in a specially designated area.

On the other hand, however, overnight camping has its drawbacks. The biggest of them is the crowd of people. It is not an option for people who appreciate peace, quiet and direct contact with nature. Campsites are located mainly in the most famous tourist destinations.

So what to do if you want to spend your vacation away from civilization? Opt for a campervan trip on your own. Avoid camping, spend the night in the wilderness and enjoy your freedom.

What should you know about wild camping?

Camping in the wilderness is an alternative to renting a parking space at a camping site. This form of accommodation is chosen mainly by people who do not like the company of other, especially noisy, vacationers. It is also the best option for travelers who want to go to places that are not found in tourist guides.

If you are dreaming of staying away from your campervan, you should first familiarize yourself with the laws of the place you are going to. Not everywhere camping outside a designated area is legal, and the penalties for such an offence can be very severe. In Poland this form of accommodation is allowed, but in many European countries it is better to go camping.

How to find a safe place to sleep in the wilderness?

You can plan a place to spend the night in advance, but you can also decide spontaneously, for example driving past a charming cove. However, before you decide to park your vehicle in the chosen spot, make sure that there is no parking ban. Also, pay attention to whether it is a private area. If it will be someone else’s property, ask permission to park there. Otherwise, you can expect unpleasantness.

Finding a safe place to stay in an RV today is a much easier task than it was just a few years ago. With help come apps that can be accessed using mobile devices. Such apps bring together caravanning enthusiasts who exchange information with each other regarding charming places to stay overnight.

Leave the place as you found it

The main motivation for sleeping in the wild is the desire to commune with nature. If you want to spend a few nights away from your campsite, be sure to clean up after yourself. Do not leave any trash under any circumstances. Also, do not dump your waste in places that are not designed for it. By following these basic rules, you will be showing respect for nature, which will return the favor throughout your trip. Think about it for a moment – if every person who travels in an RV and sleeps in the wild left trash behind, the area around would turn into a garbage dump after just a few weeks.

Before leaving, make sure you have everything you need

When going to a place far away from civilization, you need to be aware that a grocery store will not be waiting for you around every corner. Stock up – take with you as much food as you will need. And some more, just in case the surroundings enchant you so much that you decide to extend your trip by a few days. explains what wild camping in Poland and abroad looks like

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