Which camper and for whom – choosing your first motorhome

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Which camper and for whom – choosing your first motorhome
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Traveling in an RV is a wonderful experience that allows many people to realize their dreams of getting away without having to rent an expensive hotel room. Having your own home on wheels allows you to go virtually anywhere in the world, and all you need is an RV park. How to choose a trailer to meet all our expectations? What to look for when choosing it?

What model to choose – new or used?

The most important factor that determines the purchase of a camper is, of course, the budget that we are able to allocate for this purpose. Caravanning enthusiasts who have less money at their disposal usually decide on a second-hand model. However, you have to reckon with the fact that their condition is not always satisfactory. Both inside and outside there may be some defects and flaws. It is a very good idea to get a good deal on your home when you have a lot of time on your hands.

Buying a used trailer makes sense, of course, but only if you choose a model of a well-known brand. Thanks to this we will be able to spend more time on the conquest of new territories than on visits to the mechanic. Also the availability of parts will be greater, which will translate into faster and easier repairs. Buying a new vehicle is obviously an investment for a very long time. If we choose brand new models, we will ensure maximum independence, as well as high comfort of travel. There are plenty of campervan offers available on the market, which will certainly meet our expectations. It is not a problem to find a bigger or smaller vehicle, equipped with a lot of modern technologies which make it easier to use a camper in any conditions.

New camper, used camper or maybe a rental? What do you choose?

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Published by CampRest Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How will we travel in an RV?

Before you decide to buy a particular model of campervan, you need to think about one more important issue, and that is how many people you will travel in. The size of the vehicle and the amount of space available in it, including beds, depends on this. It is a good idea to have a small camper, which is based on a van, while others will need a vehicle with a trailer, which can accommodate more than one bed. Of course, everything depends on your individual requirements. It is possible to order a fully customized vehicle, but then you have to reckon with higher purchase costs.

In the case of customized campers, a great option is the ability to customize the interior layout. The manufacturers of caravanning vehicles offer their customers models equipped with double, twin or pull-out beds from the ceiling – these in turn can be configured for even greater comfort when resting. In addition, you can also choose individual models of fridge, stove and even a shower cabin. The possibilities of modifications are very many, and manufacturers are willing to undertake them, because it affects not only their image, but also profit. It should be remembered that each change in the layout is an additional cost, which will grow proportionally to the number of modifications applied.

What does the camper’s interior look like?

The interior equipment of an RV plays a special role when making a purchase. It determines how comfortable and convenient traveling in the vehicle will be. Before making a purchase it is worth to take a closer look at the solutions offered in a new or used RV. First of all, you should check whether all the basic equipment elements are in place. The sinks and refrigerators, which can be covered with a countertop when not in use, are a valuable convenience. This can save a lot of space, which is extremely limited in such vehicles. Another interesting choice may be to purchase an RV with a bunk bed or one that is located in an alcove.

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