Cataclysms don’t scare them! Who are the preppers?

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Chandler Lee
Cataclysms don’t scare them! Who are the preppers?
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Many of us think of preppers as slightly crazy people who, armed with previously found sticks, run around the forest, light fires and then go hunting. However, it is worth looking at this issue from a slightly different perspective – such a person is ready for anything and fully self-sufficient, which will certainly prove invaluable in case of any disasters. And these, in any case, can not be underestimated.

For a long time we have lived in the belief that nothing can threaten us. This is a natural human reflex – it is much more comfortable to go through life with a sense of security, even if it is not fully justified. A perfect example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic, which heavily affected both Poland and almost the entire world. Beginning in Wuhan, China, the malignant coronavirus spread across the globe in the blink of an eye, effectively killing hundreds of thousands of people and hampering the economy on an unprecedented scale. We still have no idea how the situation will develop and whether everything will eventually return to normal.

Another disturbing phenomenon characteristic of the current times are terrorist attacks, which are becoming increasingly common in Western Europe. However, history shows that as Poles we should also not fully trust our neighbors, i.e. Germany and Russia, where some time ago a simulated nuclear attack on Warsaw was allegedly carried out. The aforementioned economic crisis, nuclear war, or an attack using chemical weapons are just some of the dangers we are currently exposed to, even if we are not aware of it.

When one of the darkest scenarios comes to pass, it is the preppers who will be the least frightened. Years of preparation will allow them to recover from most disasters. If we consider joining this often neglected group, we must remember the fundamental principle – frugality and thrift. The most important difference between a classic survivalist and a prepper is that the former focuses primarily on field expeditions and improving wilderness survival skills, while for the latter the key is to secure resources. A true prepper is also a master planner and has plenty of aces up his sleeve.

In the prepper’s mind, however, there is much more behind the word “saving” than the traditional piggy bank into which one throws loose change. Saving has been elevated to the rank of art – literally everything is valuable to them, from money to food to space. That is why a larder is an absolutely obligatory room in the house of every prepper. The supplies stored in it should be characterized above all by their appropriate calorific value and long-term durability. Therefore, food prepared by oneself will be perfect: honey and nut bars or dried meat, the so-called pemikan. It’s also worth getting to know the tyndalisation process, which involves pasteurising the food several times, so that the stock can last for up to several years. On top of this, you can save money on a daily basis. A good way to cut costs is to make jams, for example. Being frugal is a trait we absolutely must develop if we are serious about becoming preppers.

If you want to survive a possible cataclysm, you still have to learn independence – after all, you only have yourself to rely on. State-owned bunkers are of little use in the face of real danger, so the best shelter should be your own home, which should be properly prepared. If it’s still not suitable to survive a disaster, it’s worth thinking about escaping. An evacuation backpack and… a properly selected weapon (firearm, crossbow or bow), which may prove indispensable during self-defense or hunting. Independence also includes the physical condition of the prepper, who should be free of addictions and perfectly prepared in terms of fitness. Regular exercise at home or at the gym is therefore not only a pleasure, but above all a necessity.

The times we live in surprise us more and more with each passing year, while taking up this niche hobby can ensure that no danger surprises us anymore!

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