Urban tracer stunts. What is parkour all about?

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Chandler Lee
Urban tracer stunts. What is parkour all about?
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There are people for whom the urban jungle is the perfect place to practice an unusual physical activity, which is undoubtedly parkour. This sport has a general developmental character – thanks to it you can train not only your muscles, but also agility!

Parkour – what is it?

This sport is known mainly from movies. In our reality it is not as popular as in the West, although more and more often, especially in big cities, you can find groups of young people who try to overcome urban architectural obstacles using only their own muscle power. The term parkour was first used at the end of the previous century, in 1998, to describe the art of movement, which is the best way to describe the sport. Treaceur (in polish version it is also called traser), that is a person practicing parkour, is able to perform incredible acrobatics, using any element of urban architecture he finds on his way, be it streets, walls of buildings, or even roofs.

Parkour, PK, or l’art du déplacement (the art of movement) is about overcoming obstacles in your path in…

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Learning parkour – where to start?

Although it may seem that parkour is an entertainment primarily for teenagers, but adventure with this sport can be started at any age. However, it is important to start under the supervision of a trainer with extensive experience. Gaining skills on your own may end with an injury. Interestingly, it is one of the few sports where training and meeting with professionals is completely free. If you are thinking about starting to develop in this unique discipline, look for a track club in your area and check when and where the nearest training takes place.

Good health is essential

It’s important to know that parkour is an extreme sport. What does this mean? Your body will be exposed to great strain. You can exercise, provided that everything is fine with your health. Importantly, this sport should be taken up by adults who have already stopped growing. A teenager’s skeletal system may not be prepared for such an effort. If you’ve never been overly active, you may find the initial workouts too difficult. But don’t give up after the first failures, and remember that only by training regularly will you be able to achieve spectacular results. Before you go for your first training session visit your doctor. Check with your doctor whether your health condition allows you to go on an adventure called extreme sports in an urban environment.

Difficult beginnings, or what to prepare for?

Parkour requires from a trainee great agility. Do you want to overcome obstacles in an urban environment? Take care of general fitness. Simple exercises that you remember from school will help. Do regular push-ups and sit-ups, pull yourself up on a bar, and practice tumbling – it will make your body more agile, and you’ll be able to overcome even difficult obstacles with greater ease.

How do I train parkour?

The good news is that you can train parkour literally anywhere. You can use elements of the urban landscape as training equipment. Start with obstacles that are easy to overcome. Start with obstacles that are easy to overcome, such as stairs, railings, or urban flower pots. The first few times you train, focus on agility, flexibility and muscle strength. The right technique for overcoming obstacles is also of great importance – this is where the advice of experienced colleagues will certainly prove invaluable. Over time you will gain confidence and be able to set increasingly ambitious goals for yourself. During your training you must not forget about the elementary rules of safety. Before you decide to overcome an obstacle, check whether it is safe and stable. Bet on maximum concentration and you will see how much you are able to achieve.

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