List of things you’ll need in your camper

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List of things you’ll need in your camper
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Are you planning a campervan trip? We know how stressful it can be to plan the whole trip, so we’ve put together a list of useful things you might have forgotten!

Cleaning products

So essential, yet often forgotten when packing for a trip. RV trips have it that the travelers are responsible for keeping their surroundings clean, not the hotel staff. You don’t need to bring an entire arsenal of products with you – just dishwashing liquid and vinegar aboard your RV can help you deal with most household grime.

Board games

A campervan trip is a great excuse to bond. So put down the smartphones and reach for board games to spend time away from electronics and the hustle and bustle of the city in a relaxed atmosphere.

Polish market in this regard is more than extensive, so those uninitiated in the hobby may feel lost when making their first purchase. There is nothing to be afraid of, just set yourself a few rules to guide you in your choice. First, determine how large your group is and what you are looking for – a fantastic adventure, a puzzle that requires intensive thinking or light entertainment that will provide you with a lot of laughter?

In the first case, popular on the market are Gloomhaven and (for fans of more darker climates) Horror in Arkham. Monopoly lovers should get acquainted with economic games with less randomness in the gameplay. Kids will love Everdell, and adults will appreciate the refinement of Agricola. If you’re going on an RV adventure with your other half, be sure to equip yourself with the couples games found at

First Aid Kit

Anything can happen on any trip, so be sure to bring some basic first aid tools with you. Make sure your first aid kit is fully equipped before you hit the road. For a longer trip buy a product that is designed to be stored in large vehicles. A coach or bus first aid kit will be such a product.


You can’t forget about a pocket knife or multitool. This is an efficient, multifunctional device that holds several to a dozen different tools in its small size. If you have a tendency to lose small items, buy a multitool model that you can attach as a keychain to your bag or belt so you always have it within reach.

Spare USB cable

Cables have a way of loving to get lost. Be prepared for this eventuality and have a spare USB cable ready so you don’t end up in a situation where your phone is close to dying and you have no idea where the charger is. You can find USB cable models at

Available again – the most popular magnetic cables in CentrumElektroniki! Check it yourself!

Published by CentrumElektroniki Monday, November 4, 2019

Extension cords

In an RV, outlets can be placed where you just don’t need them. To prevent this problem and to avoid the hassle of constantly reorganizing your belongings, make sure that you have extension cords in your vehicle. This way you won’t have to worry about the fact that you want to charge your phone but there are other, equally important devices plugged into your only two outlets.


You can never have enough light. You never know when your RV’s battery is going to die, so always carry a flashlight. Don’t use your phone for this purpose, it wastes its battery. When choosing a flashlight for your RV, buy a product with at least 100 lumens. You should pay attention to its durability and battery life. Being able to recharge with solar power will be an added plus.

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