Caravanning and ballooning – the perfect combination for campers

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Caravanning and ballooning – the perfect combination for campers
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How to spend free time in an unusual way with family and friends? Lovers of unusual attractions can go on a campervan trip or a balloon flight. However, both these activities can be combined!

Caravanning – what is it?

Caravanning is a form of motorized tourism that consists of travelling in camping vehicles (trailers and camper vans) for leisure and sightseeing purposes. People who want to spend their vacations or May Day in a non-standard way, can rent or purchase this type of equipment.

When deciding on the first solution, one should go to a rental company. To be able to drive an RV, you must be at least 21 years old and have had a category B driver’s license for at least 1 year. When renting a camper, you need to pay a deposit of 500-1000 PLN. In case of a camper it can be even 3000 PLN. Service fee is about 150-350 PLN. It includes, among others, technical inspection and filling up the gas bottle. What is the cost of renting a camper van? In low season, for renting a small vehicle you will pay about 120-150 PLN. However, when it comes to high season and renting a large, comfortable camper, the cost can reach even 700 PLN for 1 day. RV rental companies may also offer additional equipment, such as chairs, tables, towels or bed sheets. The price for such equipment is about 50-150 PLN per 1 item per week.

In the rental offer you can find from a dozen to several dozen models of campers and trailers. Which one to choose? It all depends on the purpose of the trip, its plan and individual preferences. People who like to visit a lot of places during their vacations should rent a swivel and agile camper. Those who are focused on a quiet vacation can rent a trailer.


Those looking to get into aerial sports can try their hand at ballooning. To see if this is the right leisure activity for you, you should first arrange a tourist flight. Price of such attraction is about 500-600 PLN per person. A tourist balloon is able to take an average of 2 to 4 passengers.

Secondly, you can sign up for a balloon course. You can take it in an aeroclub or other center that offers balloon flights. You can take this course after you turn 16. Examination for balloon pilot can be passed by person over 17 years old. It is necessary to complete a medical examination class 1 or 2.

The course consists of a theoretical part (during which you learn about balloon design, aviation law, flight rules, organizational procedures, and national and international aircraft operating regulations) and a practical part (it includes preparing the balloon for flight, take-off, ascent, performing basic maneuvers, approach and landing). The former costs about 1-1,500 PLN, while the latter costs between 3 and 5 thousand PLN.

Caravanning and ballooning

We already know what is caravanning and ballooning. And what connects these two activities? Caravanning and camping is a proven way to fully appreciate the ballooning attractions. A significant number of events of this type are organized on grassy airfields or suitably adapted areas. Very often it is possible to set up campers at the launch site the day before the event begins. The only thing to do a few hours before the event is to set up at the beginning of the zone and admire the balloon launches. In the United States, this is the most popular way to watch balloon competitions. What’s more, campers are regularly used by professional balloonists.

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