Taboo – test your imagination in the highly sought-after board game!

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Chandler Lee
Taboo – test your imagination in the highly sought-after board game!
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If in the near future we have a long, free evening with family or friends and we are wondering how to use this time productively together, a great alternative can be a board game. It’s even better when it stimulates our brain cells to action, requires creative solutions and doesn’t have too complicated rules at the same time. Taboo meets all these criteria and offers hours of great entertainment!

Taboo is a board game for 4-12 people of all ages. The very history of the popular board game shows that we are dealing with a very interesting creation. A Puerto Rican in search of happiness decided to go to America, before leaving he diligently studied their language. However, his memory played a trick on him and when he arrived in the metropolis of his dreams, it turned out that he simply lacked vocabulary. So the Puerto Rican began to describe the forgotten words in such a way as to guide the interlocutor as accurately as possible. His resourcefulness and ability to accurately describe things became almost legendary, and it was the basis for the idea of the new team game. Taboo instantly won the hearts of thousands of players all over the world and to this day is one of the most popular board games.

One of the foundations of Taboo’s spectacular success is its clear and intuitive rules, thanks to which even the absolute beginner in the world of board games will have no problems with getting started in no time. At the beginning the participants are divided into at least two-person teams. One player from each team draws a card from the deck and then his task is to guide the other team members in guessing the password. It sounds like a child’s task, but there is a small catch – you cannot use any of the Taboo words included in the description. In addition, the whole process is watched over by time measured by an hourglass and – even worse – the opposing team.

The use of any of the forbidden words results in the use of the so-called “squeaker” by one of the rivals. As a result, the player has to throw away the described card and reach for another one, thus losing all the previous efforts and, above all, precious seconds. If the player manages to guide his companions to guess the password correctly without using any of the Taboo words, the team receives a point. Each round lasts one minute, so in the meantime you can easily try to get not just one, but several points – but in order to do so you will have to demonstrate a really large vocabulary of similar words. Especially that during the game it is not allowed to gesture and use all kinds of synonyms or abbreviations of the described word. However, you can use your vocal cords by… singing!

Stimulating thinking and requiring creativity, but with clear rules – these types of board games have always been the most popular and Taboo fits this definition perfectly. It’s a real test of imagination, eloquence, but also cunning and sober thinking, which makes it a real challenge

Featured Image: Taboo – Hasbro Games

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