Why is an SEO audit necessary?

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Chandler Lee
Why is an SEO audit necessary?
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Technical SEO audit is like a doctor’s examination, the problem is that for many sites at the moment it is not a regular one. This is because many start-ups still question the effectiveness of SEO. If SEO and positioning in e-commerce really didn’t work, could it have grown to the point that it is now worldwide? Well. Los Angeles SEO expert points out that we now even come across SEO India, or SEO chile. These activities are profitable and effective, especially with the dominance of Google in terms of search engine popularity. Maybe SEO India is not what interests you, however, consider a technical SEO audit for your site wherever your business operates and find out that bad opinions about SEO are just rumors. 

Los Angeles SEO expert also announces that running your own e-commerce business only seems simple on the surface. Low capital expenditure associated only with the maintenance and launch of the website, no need to hire employees for direct service and low financial barrier to entry into the market are just a few of the many important advantages.

However, there are also disadvantages. One of them is the very high competition, which causes many companies to quickly disappear from the market, despite investing a lot of money in advertising campaigns. The competition is really extensive, considering that for a position in the search rankings we would also have to fight in places where we would not expect it at all. SEO India, SEO Japan etc. – would seem to be niches in the context of internet and e-commerce; nothing could be further from the truth. Coming back to the thread, not many of the failed companies realized that positioning IdoSell and other CMS makes a lot more sense than buying paid ads. The first step when partnering with a new interactive agency is a technical SEO audit.

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a multi-step process of analyzing a selected website for its current SEO / SEM status. The whole process may take even several days as teams of top specialists have to analyze the website and its source code, images and all links, as well as hundreds of other parameters having direct impact on further actions. Referring to the information that Los Angeles SEO expert gave us, such data as:

  • URLs, external and internal links and their attributes,
  • duplicates, 404 and 503 errors and many more,
  • structural data, meta tags and meta descriptions,
  • service structure and its source code,
  • all plugins extending the functionality of the selected store, catalog or portfolio,
  • the visual part of the site, including the user interface and experience,
  • and many, many more.

All these parameters have a huge and decisive impact on the effectiveness of further actions, and their most important purpose is to be able to plan the strategy in the smallest detail.

Without an audit it can be much worse

IdoSell positioning without an audit is not so difficult as impossible. Most of the activities of all SEO agencies and freelancers are based on a pre-designed plan. With a strategy in place, you can easily implement the steps in the right order. This is the only way to achieve good results in a relatively short period of time, and to avoid many of the standard mistakes that result from ignorance or negligence. Most of them can be avoided by conducting a detailed analysis of the entire website and its compatibility with the business.

There is no room for error in an audit

Each SEO audit is always conducted entirely by the best employees of a given company, thanks to which the plan prepared in this way is fully reliable and contains only professional and factual data about a given website. For this very reason, it is definitely worth using the services of a well-known and well-liked SEO interactive agency, which guarantees that all work will be done correctly.

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  • Harry Soul 25.07.2022

    An SEO audit is a relatively simple matter. We are talking about an analysis of our website, which is carried out by an SEO agency, so the specialists know which elements need to be improved first. The SEO agency can offer you the audit for free, as an excellent introduction to future cooperation, and after the audit itself you can see who you are dealing with and whether this cooperation will be fruitful. If you plan to cooperate with an SEO agency, the audit is the first activity with which this cooperation will begin. Is it worth it? In my opinion, yes, however, I have been working with the agency for many years and have trusted support, in surely you will also find the optimal partner for you!

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