Google My Business – a contemporary business card of a local entrepreneur

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Chandler Lee
Google My Business – a contemporary business card of a local entrepreneur
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Search engine optimization is the process of improving your visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo through various means. Your business’s Google My Business listing should be optimized to ensure that it shows up on top of relevant search results when customers look for your business online, whether they’re looking to make a purchase or are trying to figure out what companies are closest to them in their community. In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can optimize your Google My Business listing so that it appears at the top of search results.

Local SEO

If you’re a business owner with a physical location, then local SEO is key to driving customers through your doors. These are strategies that increase visibility on Google due to the location of users. Did you know that nearly 50% of searches across the web are for local services? In addition, the number of searches “near me” is constantly growing. So let’s combine the forces of the offline and online world. More about local SEO strategies you can read more here:

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that allows businesses to manage their online presence across Google, including search and maps. By optimizing your listing, you can improve your local SEO and visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find you. This solution is aimed primarily at service providers, restaurants, entertainment, cultural establishments, etc. with a real address.

Start with an awesome photo

Your cover photo is the first thing potential customers will see when they find your business on Google, so make sure it’s something that will grab their attention and make them want to learn more about your company. Use a high-quality image that represents your business well. Make sure the focus of the image is on your business logo or name.

Enter your location name into business name

This will help ensure that your listing appears when potential customers in your area are searching for businesses like yours. including your location in your business name also helps to improve your ranking in search results.

Choose your categories wisely

When creating or claiming your GMB listing, be strategic about the categories you select. The primary category should be the most accurate descriptor of your business, while the additional categories can be used to target specific keywords.  

Fill out all sections on your page

This helps show potential customers that you’re a complete and trustworthy business. Plus, the more information you provide, the more likely customers are to contact you. Be specific about your products and services in these sections, as well as any discounts or specials you offer. Include your store hours so people know when they can visit your location.

Link back to home and category pages (optional section)

By linking back to your home and category pages, you can help improve your visibility and make it easier for customers to find the information they need. To start, click on the Google My Business tab at the top of any page in your control panel.

Claim your reviews (optional section)

If you haven’t already, claim your business on Google My Business. This will allow you to respond to reviews and comments left by customers. Try to respond to all reviews, both positive and negative. Stars, comments, ratings and reviews are an additional ranking factor for Google. In addition, they are a modern form of word of mouth marketing for customers.

Utilize other GMB features

In addition to optimizing your GMB listing, you can also take advantage of other features that can help improve your visibility. All of these can help give potential customers a better idea of what your business is all about and whether or not they should visit you. Do you have a space for children or do you host animals? Do you have facilities for disabled people? Or maybe you have a parking lot? Write down everything that sets you apart from other places.

You don’t have to do this on your own!

Having a well-optimized Google My Business listing is essential for any business that wants to be visible in search results. An Scotland SEO agency can help you optimize your listing by performing keyword research, optimizing your business description, and adding photos and videos. Additionally, they can help you create local citations and backlinks to improve your ranking.

Wrapping up

If you’re a small business owner, you know how important it is to have a strong online presence. One way to do this is by optimizing your Google My Business listing.  Traditional content distribution channels are no longer enough. If you want to encourage a client to drive half the city to you, you have to give him a good reason!


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