How to avoid foul play while bowling?

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How to avoid foul play while bowling?
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Bowling is a popular social game with simple rules, but unfamiliarity with them can take away the fun. How to play to avoid fouls and at the same time knock down as many skittles as possible?

Bowling is usually one of the first associations to the phrase “social games”. It is not unfounded, after all, up to 12 people can take part in this popular game, and its rules are so simple that everyone will catch on in no time. Despite the fact that bowling doesn’t require incredible skill or knowledge, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with a few basics before playing, which will make the beginnings much easier. One of the most common issues on the subject is the so-called foul – the terror of all bowling amateurs. What is it and how can it be effectively avoided? We answer.

Bowling – the basic rules of the game

A full game of bowling consists of 10 rounds, and during each of them the player is entitled to two throws. A point is awarded for each peg knocked down. However, if a player manages to knock down all the pins on the first attempt, a so-called strike occurs, and his round comes to an end. He then receives 10 points plus a number of points equal to the number of pins knocked down in the next two throws, thus already in the next round. Another situation scored in a special way is the so-called split, which occurs when one of the players hits a set of figures with two throws. His account is then credited with 10 “eyes” and the number of points equal to the number of pins knocked down in the next throw, that is, in the first attempt of the next round. The perfect game, on the other hand, is to score 300 points over the entire game.

Bowling – when do we talk about a foul and what are its consequences?

A foul occurs in bowling when a player crosses the designated line, which is 60 feet from the first pin on the board. The result of crossing the foul line is the loss of the first throw and immediate transition to the second throw. To recap, if one commits a foul, one loses one shot and therefore probably also loses points. What if we cross the line again on the second throw? Unfortunately, the rules are unforgiving here, so we also lose the second throw and, as a result, the entire turn. 

Even if our throws are perfect, committing foul after foul will not get us far in bowling. It is not without reason that this innocent offense is the bane of many people who are new to bowling. Paying attention not only to the bowling itself, but also to the foul line will certainly get into our blood over time, but you can speed up the process a bit with some tips.

Bowling – how to effectively avoid fouls?

At the outset, it is worth noting already that avoiding a foul is nothing complicated. First of all, you can not rush the approach to the foul line – serious problems with maintaining the correct position and balance can then arise. Inaccuracies resulting from excessive haste are likely to result in a poor throw or, even worse, crossing the foul line. We should approach the line in a smooth and balanced manner, keeping a calm and clear mind. After releasing the ball, we should be about six inches from the foul line. By remembering not only the right distance, but also the attitude, we will learn to avoid fouls in no time!

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