Specifics of ice fishing or how to fish in the ice hole

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Specifics of ice fishing or how to fish in the ice hole
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During the winter, practically all anglers move from the shores of lakes and rivers to the middle of frozen bodies of water. They are equipped with warm clothes and a thermos with hot tea or coffee. They start their fishing from an ice hole they had to create themselves.

Ice fishing requires following a few very important rules, which will make this hobby rich in prey and, above all, safe. How to fish in an ice hole? How to create a good place for fishing?

Basic rules of ice fishing included in the Polish Angling Association regulations

People who want to go ice fishing have to know that the Polish Angling Association imposes a few additional restrictions on them. In addition to maintaining a distance of at least 10 meters between anglers, there is also an obligation to keep the ice holes at least one meter apart and their diameter no larger than 20 centimeters. These regulations are important because the ice surface with holes in it loses a lot of its strength. There used to be winters when you could even drive a car onto the ice, but nowadays you should definitely take more care about your safety and the safety of other anglers. In addition, there is also a ban on ice fishing for fish, both dead and alive. This is not about safety, but this regulation is also often taken over by fish pond owners. Theoretically they wouldn’t have to require it, but in solidarity with the PZW they adjust their regulations to make fishing not only safe, but also as humane as possible.

Ice fishing – a type of hobby and sport that involves fishing from under the ice. It is practiced on frozen…

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Where to start ice fishing?

Ice fishing requires you to expand your equipment base with rods of special design. These are models with a characteristic short structure, rather stiff and allowing precise control of the lure. Additionally, they make it possible to haul the fish quickly. As far as monofilaments are concerned, in principle there are no additional requirements. It is a good idea to get a slightly higher class of lines because the cheapest ones usually stiffen quickly in the cold, which leads to a worse feeling of the bite and increases the risk of the fish breaking off during the haul. Another obligatory piece of equipment is a large thermos with warm coffee or tea, a warm jacket and boots, which will allow you to sit in one place in the cold for a few hours. However, you do not have to buy products dedicated to anglers. Any outfit that will allow you to stand for a long time on an exposed surface in the sulfurous cold will work perfectly.

How to make an ice hole in the ice sheet?

In theory, making an ice hole is not a complicated activity. However, ice that is too thin or too thick can make this task difficult. Besides, without proper equipment it is possible to make an ice hole but it is a real pain. The task should always start with checking the strength of the ice. If it is too thin, it will start creaking under your feet. In addition, you also need to remove the snow on the sheet, which can hinder the task. The most convenient and best solution is to make an ice hole with a special fishing auger. Well-made and sharp equipment should have no problems with breaking through thick ice. Of course, the whole operation will require some force, but the hole will be aesthetic and, most importantly, safe. The risk of damaging the ice around the hole will be small and the diameter will be about 15 cm, which will allow to meet the limit required by PZW. Another method boils down to slightly more homemade tools. The use of a hammer or hatchet seems fine and, in addition, there is no need to buy an expensive auger. However, you should have some practice behind you, but even then there is a high risk that the ice will break under the angler.

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