Spinning fishing – how to prepare for this type of fishing?

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Spinning fishing – how to prepare for this type of fishing?
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Spinning fishing requires good equipment, effective lures, basic knowledge of the fishery and regularly increasing fishing experience. Here are a handful of practical tips!

Choosing the place and time of fishing

The strike calendar and statistics showing the time of catching medal specimens show, that the best time for spinning fishing is August. In this period pike and perch bite best, as they hunt for small baitfish. Another element to pay attention to is the time of fishing. It is generally accepted that the best results with this method are achieved in the early morning, but this is not a general rule. Equally good results can be achieved during sunset, when the predators start feeding.

When going fishing with the spinning method, it is worth to get to know the place where the fishing will take place. Beginners should choose less demanding areas, fish near the shore and not go directly into the water. It is also important to know the depth of the water. Casting the rod a few times will help.

The rod and reel

The key to successful spinning fishing is good and proven equipment. The rod should be matched with the fishing method and the species of fish the angler is counting on. In the case of perch, a rod with a soft tip that signals a strike very quickly will work better. The rod for pike is adapted to the type of lure used. A model with a parabolic action may prove effective.

Experienced anglers also suggest to pay attention to the length of the rod, which should be adjusted to the individual abilities of each angling lover, but most people decide to go for a longer rod over 2.5 meters, which allows for free casting and placing the lure in slightly farther corners of the fishery.

The second important piece of equipment is the reel. The most important thing is its efficiency and minimal risk of breakdowns, so it is worth to invest in models produced by reputable brands. The optimal gear ratio is estimated to be about 5.1/1 turn of the reel. Before buying a reel it is necessary to check the fit with the rod and balance the center of gravity.

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Another part of preparing for spinning fishing is choosing the right line. For beginner anglers, a thin monofilament line may be the best choice. However, remember that it should be adapted to the rest of the equipment, the type of fish you are fishing for, the lures you are using, the shape and depth of the fishery and any elements that may interfere with casting the rod. When checking the parameters of the line, we should also pay attention to its stretch level. A good strike signal depends on this aspect. The more elastic the line is, the more difficult it will be to feel the proper hooking of the fish.


The last stage of preparation for spinning fishing is choosing a lure. Beginning anglers must remember, that the greatest experience is gained from one’s own mistakes, so one should not be afraid of experiments. It is also worth asking for advice of the regulars of a given fishery, who will gladly share their knowledge and practical tips.

Lures in the spinning method are extremely varied, and each of them works in different conditions, so it is worth enlarging your collection gradually. The most popular lures include ferns up to around 3.5 cm, twisters, minnows, spinners and jig heads. The choice of colors is equally important. In spinning the most often lures in shades of green, red and white are used. More vivid, floral colors may turn out to be effective. As experienced anglers convince, at the very beginning of the adventure with spinning fishing it is worth to equip yourself with rubber lures, and only later, when you master the basic skills, to invest in wobblers.

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