How to dress for a survival trip?

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How to dress for a survival trip?
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Survival has its own rules. A vacation trip to familiar territory and a survival trip are two completely different things. You need to take with you not only the necessary tools, but also the right clothes. Wondering how to dress for a survival expedition in order not to suffer the negative effects of being unprepared for the trip of a lifetime? Take our advice!

Short sleeve or long sleeve?

When packing for a survival trip, it is a good idea to first consider what type of clothing you will need. Your first instinct when the warmer months arrive is to take lighter clothing with you – short shorts and short sleeve blouses. There is nothing wrong with this! You don’t have to have long clothes when you go on a survival trip if it is an undemanding trip. However, when you are at risk of getting scratches from vegetation, potential allergic reactions, or other adverse reactions due to the rough terrain, it is a good idea to get long-sleeved clothing. Clothing brand Pitbull provides excellent clothing perfect for survivalist climates – both short and long sleeve.

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Boots for special conditions

It’s impossible to go on a survival expedition if you don’t think about the right footwear. Badly chosen shoes are a guarantee of unsuccessful escapade. They should be neither too small nor too big. It is not worth buying such shoes that “will still come apart” or such to which “you will put a thick sock”. Shoes for a survival expedition have to be well-fitted to the foot and guarantee appropriate leg stabilization. It is not only a matter of comfort, but also safety – ill-fitting shoes mean the risk of twisting an ankle while crossing a difficult terrain.

Apart from the size, the type of material the upper is made of is equally important. Waterproof leather is the best choice for tall boots, but it is often combined with artificial fabrics. The most important thing is that they are resistant to mechanical damage, such as tears and abrasion, and protect the foot from getting wet.

When looking for boots that are ready to withstand extreme conditions, it’s worth looking at places like the military clothing store. They specialize in gear for special tasks, including survival expeditions, like no other.

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For all weathers

Regardless of the prevailing weather conditions when preparing for a survival expedition, it is good to take thermal underwear with you. It is made of a special synthetic fabric, which will ensure that even with intense physical effort you will not end up with clothes wet from sweat. It happens that some models also provide the user with antibacterial protection. All because hygiene should be high on your list of priorities even in extreme conditions. You can expose yourself to health consequences if you don’t have it, and that’s not why you decide to meet nature in the wilderness.

Not only in winter

You need a hat not only when the temperature outside is near freezing. More than thirty percent of heat escapes from the body through the head. Chances are you’ll get sunstroke from prolonged exposure to the sun, and it really isn’t worth the risk! After all, you’re not going on a survival trip to deal with the unpleasant effects of the heat, but to enjoy the contact with nature, right? So bring a bandana, a baseball cap or a hat and don’t expose yourself to the harmful effects of the sun.

What to add to your backpack?

What is worth taking on the expedition besides clothes? Not only a sleeping bag and a tent, although this is an important point on the list. Invest in a decent knife, which will deal with obstacles on the route and will also make it easier for you to prepare a meal. Speaking of meals, it’s a good idea to bring a canteen and a tourist water bottle with a filter. You will also need a multitool, especially if you are a fan of compact solutions. And for wildlife enthusiasts, we recommend taking a night vision device with you, which you can find at

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