Laser paintball – entertainment for the 21st century

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Chandler Lee
Laser paintball – entertainment for the 21st century
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Paintball is an entertainment which is gaining more and more popularity. An interesting alternative to the traditional game is laser paintball, or Laser Tag. What does it consist in?

Laser tag – what is it?

Laser paintball, or Laser Tag, is a form of entertainment, which has already managed to win many sympathizers, although it has been known for a short time. The rules of the game are similar to those of paintball. However, there is a slight difference, namely slightly different equipment. Traditional paintball is a competition in which players shoot at each other from guns with colored balls. Each such hit can cause pain and often bruises are a reminder of the fun. Laser paintball solves this problem. Instead of dirty balls an infrared beam is used. Thanks to this the game does not cause painful bruises.

An alternative to traditional paintball

It may seem, especially when analyzing the names of these two forms of entertainment, that paintball and laser paintball have a lot in common. However, this is not the case. Yes, in both cases a very important element is the rivalry in which weapons are used. The difference lies, among others, in the weapon used during the game.

In the traditional version of paintball the weapons are quite heavy. This is the reason why most paintball arenas are frequented by men. Women are more likely to use Laser Tag. In this case, the weapon is much lighter, and the shot does not cause injury.

The difference also lies in the fact that in the case of a ball shooter, the competition can take place in an open area. This makes the gameplay more realistic. In the case of Laser Tag, the competition takes place in a specially adapted arena. Most often it is a closed room, but there are also arenas in the open air.

What mode of play to decide on?

Laser Tag gives you several options to play. You can decide on the solo version. In this case, each player participating in the game fights against every other participant. There are no teams or alliances. Everyone is responsible only for himself and has to determine the scenario of the game, which will lead him directly to victory.

Another possibility is a team game. In this case the main goal is to eliminate players from the opposing team. During the team game, the cooperation between players is very important. What counts is acting according to a well-thought-out strategy. A mistake of one player can be a defeat for the whole team. There are also other ways to make the game more interesting. Among them we can mention VIP protection or deathmatch mode.

What do I need to know before playing Laser Tag?

Such a game is a great form of integration. It is more and more willingly used e.g. during stag and hen parties. Some companies decide also to use the game for integration of employees.

Among the advantages of laser paintball one should mention safety. Deciding for such a game, you can be sure that the game will not end with a series of bruises, as it may happen during a paintball game. The whole game takes place in a closed arena. The battlefield is deceptively similar to a computer game. Semi-darkness, a maze of barrels and pipes – these are the elements which increase the desire of rivalry in most people. The amazing atmosphere is complemented by stimulating music and unique play of lights.

Can anyone take part in this fun?

As a rule – yes. If you want to get tired, you feel like having an unforgettable adventure or you want to try a new form of entertainment, then decide on Laser Tag. Do not worry that strength is not your domain. The equipment used in Laser Tag is very light, so everyone can handle it. The form of the game must of course be adjusted to the age of the participants. Very young children may have problems with holding the weapon. People suffering from epilepsy should also consider this form of play. In some cases, an epileptic attack can be triggered by pulsating light (such as a strobe).

In the highlight photo: Lasertag Arena; photo: Pixabay

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