Bowling primer, or what you need to know before the first game

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Chandler Lee
Bowling primer, or what you need to know before the first game
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Bowling is usually one of our first associations with the word “social games”. It’s not unfounded, after all, up to 12 people can take part in this popular game, and its rules are so simple that everyone will grasp them in no time. Despite the fact that bowling doesn’t require amazing skills, it’s worth knowing a few basic things that will make getting started much easier.

Bowling rules are seemingly one of the least complicated of all sports. After all, the only goal is to knock down as many pins as possible using specially designed balls. A slight difficulty may begin during the counting of points, so before proceeding to the game it is worth to realize at least some of the most important rules of scoring.

A full game consists of 10 rounds, and during each of them the player is allowed two throws. We receive a point for each peg knocked down. However, if a player manages to hit all the pins on the first attempt, there is a so-called strike and his round comes to an end. He receives then 10 points plus the number of points equal to the number of pins knocked down in the next two throws, so already in the next round. Another situation scored in a special way is so called split, which occurs when a player hits a set of figures with two throws. The player scores 10 points and the number of points equal to the number of pins thrown in the next throw, i.e. in the first attempt of the next round. Perfect game means scoring 300 points during the whole game.

Now that we know what numbers to expect next to our name after throwing a certain number of pins, we can move to the next stage of preparation, that is selection of the right ball. On each of them there is a number or a digit, which determines its weight. It should be remembered, however, that this weight is expressed in pounds. Beginners are advised to use slightly lighter equipment, which has less weight, but allows more control over the throw. Much more important, however, is the proper fit of the ball in the hand. We grip it by putting the whole thumb and the middle and ring fingers into the holes hollowed for this purpose. It is important that the grip is comfortable and allows us to cover as much surface of the chosen ball as possible.

After choosing the right equipment and dressing in comfortable clothes – including putting on special shoes, which are obligatory in every bowling alley – we are ready to start playing. What posture should we adopt before throwing? First of all, relax, straighten your back and stand on the starting line. Remember that the way you hold the ball affects the quality of your game. It is best to hold it at about chest height, although it is also acceptable for it to be at thigh or waist level. Then, we make a momentum, during which we make a few steps forward approaching the so-called foul line, in front of which we should stop and at the same time make the throw. If this line is crossed, the points scored in the given turn are cancelled.

Bowling is a game allowing to forget about everyday difficulties and relax in the company of friends or family. However, to enjoy bowling to the fullest, it is advisable to enter the game with specific knowledge, which will certainly result in better results achieved on the lanes and the absence of misunderstandings with other players.

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