5 tips to improve your bowling

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Chandler Lee
5 tips to improve your bowling
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The rules of bowling are simple and clear. This sport is an ideal pastime for a family or group of friends. Here are five useful tips to help you show off your skills and win some games.

The objective of bowling is to bowl ten pins as fast and efficiently as possible with two throws. Points are awarded according to the number of pins knocked down in a given move. The player with the highest score in the whole game wins. The way to victory seems quite simple and the rules of the game are easy to learn even by the youngest players. Bowling is based mainly on the technique and strength of the throw, so it’s worth knowing a few rules that will make the game easier and improve the skills you’ve already mastered. The basic rule is to concentrate while making your throw. An accurate throw is scored when the ball does not fall into one of the side lanes while traveling down the track. Each player senses his or her strength and lane at the right time, but there are other aspects that can be distinguished that matter when bowling.

Match the ball to your ability

Bowling balls are numbered from 7 to 16. The size of the ball increases with its weight, so each player should try the weight and size to his hand and physical strength before starting the game. The ball has three holes – for the thumb, forefinger and ring finger. The ideal ball weight for women is about 5/5.5 kg. For men, this limit is between 6 and 7 kg. Well-fitting holes in the ball should be not much larger than the size of the ring or wedding ring worn. Special attention should also be paid to which bowling balls you want to knock down in a given throw. Heavier models will be effective at finishing center balls. Lighter ones will change trajectory more easily and fall into the side lanes, but will be great for localized nailing of even single pins.

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Use the lines on the lane

The markings placed on the floor are an aid to the player. Aiming for the center of the track can be disastrous, especially when using lighter balls. By changing the direction of the throw and testing his technique, the player also learns the track. This is because each track may differ in the level of waxing, deformation and humidity.

Right-handed people on their first throw should aim for the second arrow to the right, lefties can aim for the markings on the left. After a miss, instead of changing your throwing technique and strength, it is a good idea to change your position on the lane. By aiming at the same pins from a different position, it will be easier to improve your score and hit the pins accurately.

Release the ball in the last stage of momentum

The ball gains strength during the momentum, but its direction is not given until the actual throw. After positioning and aiming at the target, the ball should be released in one smooth and decisive motion. If the athlete hesitates or stops for a moment during this manoeuvre, he will certainly make a failed throw. The confidence of the movement is achieved only after several repetitions, so it is worth warming up before starting the game.

Look for your throwing speed

Every player approaches the game with a different energy and attitude. In addition to feeling good, it is important to feel the dynamics of your own movements and body work. Some players get to the line slowly and throw the ball while standing in the same spot. In such a slower maneuver, it is good to start the momentum from the chest and release the ball while flexing the spine and legs. Another way is to approach the track quickly. Athletes using this technique like to get up to speed during the momentum, which they begin with the ball at hip height. The movement is more dynamic and the thrown ball gains more speed.

Concentrate before throwing

Proper concentration and calmness can also be key to a successful throw. It is a good idea to relax your body, take a deep breath, and calm yourself down before you begin your round. Concentration allows you to throw more accurately and be more comfortable with your throw.

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