Caravanning not only for retired people. We debunk myths about travelling by camper van!

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Caravanning not only for retired people. We debunk myths about travelling by camper van!
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Caravanning is a form of tourism that involves traveling in a motorhome, so-called camper van, or car with a trailer. Caravanning is intended for leisure and sightseeing. However, sometimes you can hear voices of people who discourage this way of traveling as the cheapest vacation. Below we debunk the most common myths associated with caravanning.

Poor infrastructure at campsites

Many people associate campsites with campgrounds or holiday resorts from the 1970s or 1980s. They see dirty toilets with no toilet paper, poor quality showers and absolutely no chance of hot water because there was none. Unfortunately, there are still such locations, but fortunately there are far fewer of them and they are decreasing every year. Campsites that have been built in recent years, as well as parking lots for cars are definitely newer centers with full sanitary facilities, with clean and smelling bathrooms. The resorts and parking lots even have hairdryers, which was unthinkable not so long ago. Families with children can count on large bathing rooms and a place to play. Practically everywhere you can rent a bicycle, including one equipped with a saddle for your child.

Caravanning is cheap

If you have your own camper van or caravan, the cost of traveling can be relatively low. Insurance, fuel, the cost of inspections and possible repairs are all considerable expenses that are associated with owning a campervan, but not so large that they weigh heavily on the household budget. You should also add to this the cost of accommodation on a camping site and food. However, if you take into account the prices on some camping sites, which can be as high as 60 euro per day, it is necessary to prepare a sufficiently large supply of money.

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You can park camper everywhere

You can not believe the opinions that say that a campervan or a caravan can be parked almost everywhere and in addition for free. Caravaners, like any other car owner, have certain rules and regulations to follow. Wild camping is only allowed in a few European Union countries, otherwise you have to go to a specially designated area. In addition, the restrictions on camping in high season can be much stricter, and failure to comply with the rules usually results in even more restrictions being imposed. For this reason, there are more cities in Europe that are not camper-friendly every year.

Caravanning is mainly for older people

This statement should not surprise anyone. The reason is that caravanning requires travelling without any specific route planning and a lot of free time. And this most have of course pensioners. You can meet them practically at every campsite in Europe, but they are especially fond of southern Spain, where they usually come in winter.

Caravanning is also a great form of recreation for families with children. All they have to do is move with the necessary things to the camper and they are not intimidated by stops, the need to change diapers or feeding. This is also the best option for those with food allergies. These, in turn, can cook something themselves and bring the products with them. However, it is important to remember that going on a campervan vacation is quite a challenge because having the whole family interacting with each other requires the art of diplomacy, which doesn’t always work out and disagreements can arise.

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