Rock climbing, a sport for the persistent

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Chandler Lee
Rock climbing, a sport for the persistent
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Everyone who has ever been interested in the subject of mountains has heard about rock climbing. For many people, rock climbing is a distant dream, but in order to start your adventure with this exciting discipline, all you need is perseverance and motivation at the right level.

Rock climbing is becoming more and more popular among Poles. It is worth remembering that it usually takes place outside winter conditions, such as ice or snow. The routes often lead through steep, treacherous rock walls, so they are usually climbed in a team of two. The division of roles is as follows – one person climbs while the other belays. Despite the fact that it is a discipline requiring great concentration and physical fitness, any inconveniences are rewarded with wonderful views and a unique feeling of satisfaction.

However, before we set off to conquer Polish or foreign summits, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Beginners are recommended to practise on a special climbing wall. We can find one in every bigger city. This is undoubtedly one of the factors thanks to which this activity is developing so rapidly in Poland. On the climbing wall we’ll not only get a taste of extreme climbing, but we’ll also have a great opportunity to learn how to use the equipment. The key here is not physical strength, which is acquired over time, but the perseverance mentioned at the beginning – after all, the progress will not appear right away. In order to develop good habits, it is worth training under the watchful eye of an instructor. A visit to this type of facility is certainly a well-considered step, if we seriously think about climbing on rock routes.

A rock climbing wall will prove invaluable at the initial stage, but nothing can replace practicing in the field. It is during rock climbing itself that we will acquire the most skills and gain invaluable experience. Climbing knowledge has this to itself that it is acquired relatively fast. It is much more difficult to translate it into real life, as many climbers have already found out. The acquired skills are polished for many years, that’s why it’s not a sport for those who are focused on achieving impressive results in a short period of time. Similarly as in the case of the wall, at the beginning of the adventure in the field we should focus on learning desired habits and getting used to the vertical movement, which for most people will be something completely new. It is recommended to consult an experienced instructor at a special rock climbing course.

Now that we know the first steps, the question arises – where to climb? One of the most popular places in Poland is Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, where many famous Himalayan climbers started their climbing adventure. The Krakow’s Zakrzówek or nearby Olsztyn’s Sokole Mountains are also popular among climbers. The weather conditions in our country are not always favourable, that’s why sometimes it’s worth looking for an alternative in the form of a foreign destination. Climbing areas in Spain, France or Greece are not inferior in beauty to those available on the Vistula River.

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