The ins and outs of a classy poker player

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The ins and outs of a classy poker player
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Playing poker was once considered one of the greatest curses. The reason? People lost all their life’s possessions in gambling and often got into trouble. Today, poker is a sport in which our compatriot Sebastian Malec is very successful. What are the inherent plays in his arsenal?

Poker – the most popular card game

Poker has changed a lot over the years. Many people have complained that it has become more difficult with each passing year. However, there are still players at the table who rely on a hit or no hit strategy, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly. Adjusting to such a game can be a bit more difficult than in previous years. What is new is online play, which allows anyone to become a poker player.

Online poker continues to generate huge profits and is constantly evolving. Players use new plays and methods, and new ones are invented over time because the old ones are no longer effective. For people who do not play poker professionally, it can be extremely difficult to adapt to the ever-changing game. Below are some common poker plays that the game wouldn’t be played without. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them if you want to start your adventure with cards.

Overbet – playing bigger than the pot

An Overbet is a hand that is bigger than the pot on the table. It is used mainly in cash games where the stakes are higher and players don’t get knocked out like in a traditional tournament. This technique is very often used by Tom Dwan, who is known from the High Stakes Poker program. An overbet on the river is a very effective play that requires the right approach. First of all, the player must have a good situation to use it and be able to read his opponents. An Overbet on the river is a good way for a player who likes to call and rarely risks raising because you can quickly draw some money from him.

Unexploited push – a highly profitable move

The unexploited push technique is extremely effective in MTT No Limit Holdem tournaments. It’s the answer to the popular open-raise, but it only has a positive effect when there is an ante on the table. The profitability of the unexploited push is extremely high, as it is virtually impossible to counter it. By pushing the correct range of hands, no opponent is able to check it. The reason for the popularity of this play is the effect of wider use of third beta.

Pot control

A very popular play is pot control, which must match the strength of the hand. This technique is most commonly used when a player has average hand strength and wants to quickly learn the next avenues of play. Once the hand strength improves, there will be an opportunity to go for a beta, or raise, and opponents with weaker hands will often call, causing them to lose.

A donk bet is a play that consists of raising the player who raised on the flop. This technique is most commonly used by pros, but it’s also very popular with beginners.


The purpose of the check is to confuse your opponent. It has its strengths and weaknesses. You can check with a very good hand and when your opponent bets, you can re-raise. In this case the advantage is that you can draw very high stakes from your opponent and the disadvantage is that your opponent can significantly increase the strength of your hand during the re-raise. Of course, this doesn’t have to mean losing right away, but it is likely that he will have a stronger hand.

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