How do I prepare my bike for a long trip?

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How do I prepare my bike for a long trip?
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Nothing makes avid cyclists happier than the opportunity to go for a long ride. However, if you’ve never been on such a tour before, preparing for it can be a mystery. So we suggest how to prepare your bike for a long trip.

What bike to choose?

Let’s start with the fact that the choice of a bike for a long journey cannot be accidental. The best choice will obviously be trekking bikes, which are designed to guarantee maximum comfort during a long ride. In addition, they will perform well both on asphalt and more demanding terrain. Remember that your bike should have a comfortable saddle and big wheels

Tires ready for anything

When preparing your bike for a long journey it is necessary to take proper care of tires. Your tyres should be durable, with puncture resistance being a key criterion. Models with a special anti-puncture liner, made of Kevlar or other synthetic material, are a good choice.

When choosing tires, pay attention to the type of tread. The tread should be matched to the type of roads you will be driving on. You can also opt for a multi-purpose semi-slick tread, which will work well on many surfaces

Tire width is also important. Narrower tires are said to generate less rolling resistance. However, wide tires allow you to drive at lower pressures, which in turn translates to better dampening of vibrations and uneven terrain, so they will work better for long trips.

Choose the right accessories

Also, don’t forget about a very important element, which is bicycle accessories. An extremely important bicycle accessory that not only provides comfort but is also required by law is lighting. According to the law, every bicycle must be equipped with at least one white or yellow front light with continuous or flashing light, at least one red rear reflector and at least one red rear light with continuous or flashing light. So you must not forget this when you are going on a long journey.

You can’t go on a long trip without a bike pump either. The most popular and basic pump is a handheld model. It is the best option for long trips, because it is very light, fits in every backpack and is extremely comfortable. When traveling, a carbon dioxide model will also work well. It is admittedly a little less handy and larger than a hand pump, but it does not require the use of force while pumping.

During long trips, a trunk can also be useful. In which you will have all the necessary things, such as a sweatshirt, provisions, or a camera. In addition, you can also choose a model that will protect all your items from adverse weather conditions. They will be completely safe, for example, when you get caught in the rain on the road.

For many cyclists, cockpit horns will also be a useful accessory. They will allow for more flexibility in terms of handlebar grip and make riding uphill more comfortable. For extra comfort, it’s a good idea to wrap the horns in a wrap – then they are definitely more pleasant to hold.

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