Billiards table – what should I consider when choosing it?

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Billiards table – what should I consider when choosing it?
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Realizing the billiard hobby requires good preparation. One of the key elements is the right choice of the game table. Check what to pay special attention to.

The table top

It might seem that the most important part of the table is the top cover, but the most important part is the plate, which is the base of the table. The two most popular models are wood and stone slabs.

The former is a relatively cheaper and lighter option, but it is less resistant and can lose its qualities faster. Under the influence of the temperature of the room, humidity levels, and especially the intensity of the game, it can deform and thus lose its level. Self-repair of a table with a wooden plate is practically impossible.

The stone slab is more durable and will serve us much longer. A table made this way works well both at the amateur level and in billiard clubs, where the frequency of games is high. The stone structure is resistant to external factors. It can be leveled anew, and replacing the cloth is easy and inexpensive. These types of slabs are usually made of Italian slate, which is thinner than marble yet retains its properties.


The size of the table is also very important for the comfort of the game. Its dimensions should be carefully matched to the size of the room in which it is to be located and the furniture that will be near it.

The minimum dimensions of a classic pool table available on the market are 110 centimeters wide and 110 long. The optimal size is 145 centimeters wide and 145 long. The difference is not large, but in the context of a game of billiards it is of great importance, so you should pay special attention to the size.

When analyzing the dimensions of the room and the game table, it is worth remembering about the correct space for the game. Any additional furniture, stairs, narrow passageways or wide windowsills hinder free movements and reduce the comfort of the game.

The purpose of the table

Contrary to appearances, a pool table can fulfill more than one function at home. Modern models allow you to combine the billiard surface with the usable one. For this reason, it can be placed not only in a specially designated room, but even in the dining room or office. During official meetings, the table will be turned to the other side, making it possible to conduct a meeting or a meeting with a client. After work, the table will serve as entertainment.

Playing billiards is also a great idea for a break during work. There are models on the market that combine more than one sport. In the offers of some stores you can find tables, which enable you to play table tennis or Russian roulette in addition to billiards. Innovative rotating billiard tables allow you to match the size and surface to the classic dining table. This saves space at home and money that you would have to spend on buying two separate pieces of furniture.

Billiard cloth

Poor quality cloth is not flexible enough, gets damaged quite quickly and does not perform its function properly. Choosing the right cloth, therefore, requires checking several basic parameters. The first of these is the weight of the cloth, which determines the thickness of its weave. The material must not be too thin, as it will wear out quickly and prevent good ball control. The optimum weight is around 410g/m2. The type of material is equally important. In the case of a pool table, a material made of 100% wool works best. When choosing a table upholstery, you should also pay attention to the smoothness of the fabric and its technical parameters.

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