The optimal cue stick is the key to a successful game

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Chandler Lee
The optimal cue stick is the key to a successful game
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Billiards can boast a large number of supporters. After all, who doesn’t like to meet with friends for a friendly game over a beer after a hard week? To emerge victorious from the game, you undoubtedly have to show a lot of composure and skill, but it turns out that the selection of appropriate equipment is equally important.

An absolutely essential tool that we must equip ourselves with before starting to play is, of course, a cue stick. Fortunately, it is always within reach – where there is a table, there must be the cues. With time, however, each player gets used to certain habits and develops a unique style. At this point, the cues available in the halls may not be enough. If we want to take billiard a bit more seriously, we should take matters into our own hands and think about buying our own equipment. What criteria should be used when making this important choice?

To begin with, we should certainly mention what many people are most interested in, namely the price. Sticks designed for amateurs are usually between 100 and 400 PLN. If you spend such an amount you can be sure that the pole you buy is of high quality and will give you the possibility to develop and polish your skills in a peaceful manner. It is worth paying attention to such models as Lucky or Players. We should not be misled by the fact that the prices of equipment for professionals start at about PLN 1000. Initially, we will not be able to use the full capabilities of such an expensive purchase anyway.

Another important feature of the pool cue that we should have in mind is its length. The dimensions will prove to be crucial when it comes to maintaining comfort during a given game. There is no great philosophy here – taller people are recommended to use longer equipment, while those whose mother nature has not endowed with height, should reach for shorter ones. It’s best if everyone knows their own abilities and chooses a pole that is easy to hold.

As far as the technical aspects are concerned, we cannot forget about the tip, which is probably the most important part of our rod. It is the part that connects the handle to the tip. The tip should be durable, so it is best if it is made of maple wood, which provides hardness and flexibility. It can also be made of softer ash or the lightest of the three – ramin. It is worth remembering, though, that the lower the hardness of the wood, the greater the chance for unwanted deformations.

Apart from the aforementioned tip, an important function in the construction of a rod is the handle. An appropriate and comfortable grip is the key to proper control of the pole and to control the power of the strike. The best ones are covered with linen leather, Irish leather or synthetic thread. These materials incomparably increase the quality of the equipment – they prevent, among other things, its slipping from the hand tired with the demanding part, making the stick fully obedient to the player’s commands.

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