Sports camera – which one to choose?

Chandler Lee
Sports camera – which one to choose?
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Read the following article and find out what sports cameras are available on the market, what to pay attention to when buying, check the features of a good equipment of this kind and see what the main advantages of such a camera stand out

Sports camera – what to look for when buying

When choosing a sports camera, it is worth paying attention to several key issues

  • Resolution of a sports camera – the higher the value of the index, the sharper the dynamic videos will be. It is worth looking at the number of frames that are recorded by the webcam per second. For example, full HD sports cameras – record at 1920×1080 pixels and should record video at 60 or 120 fps, 4K sports cameras – record at 3840×2160 pixels, at least at 30 fps. Full hd sports camera belongs to the group of more expensive sports cameras
  • Sports camera with image stabilizer – so you can record even in harsh conditions with vibration
  • Lens – the best models have a wide angle lens, some camcorders have a range of up to 170 degrees.
  • Battery life – the minimum working time of the equipment should be at least an hour. Only sometimes a sports camcorder records more than 2 hours. Among the range, you can look for equipment with an easily replaceable rechargeable battery
  • Sports camera with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth -with built-in wifi, you can maintain connectivity with your smartphone and view live video and change the parameters of the settings. Some models can also be operated via Bluetooth
  • Waterproof sports camera housing – in some models the waterproof housing is included. Thanks to this, sports cameras can be used even under water
  • Timelapse function – allows you to record time-lapse videos
  • Slow motion function – recording video in slow motion

What are the characteristics of the best sports camera?

Many people wonder what should characterize a good sports camera. The best GoPro sports cameras are tailored to the needs of the individual user. The market currently offers a number of options. The ranking of sports cameras is created, it changes very dynamically due to the technical innovations that keep appearing. For example, the mini sports camera is great for any pocket and is easy to transport, it fits everywhere. Xiaomi sports camera has a guarantee of excellent quality and performance. For example, the equipment will record any sports display in Full HD quality. The camera can also be used by beginners

The best camera has a good sensor resolution and features better image stabilization than the competition. Such equipment collects sounds well thanks to the function of an external microphone, so it is also suitable for recording parties. Some models also have a function i.e. automatic saving of the video. This is very important especially if you record a lot of footage

Advantages of sports cameras

Sports cameras provide high quality filming and picture taking

If you want to buy a sports camera attached to a sports helmet, a WiFi sports camera is a great solution. It gives you the opportunity to show amazing videos on social media, due to the fact that the WiFi sports camera can instantly upload the captured images at a given location. The quick release and bracket can be adjusted to fit the sports cameras and make them usable as video recorders. This recording of images when, for example, you are involved in an accident, you will be able to point out helpful material to the insurer. The price for this kind of equipment starts from several hundred zlotys.

Some of the cameras are supported by a dedicated application, in which the establishment of communication is very simple

Durability that sports cameras have

In the case of this equipment, resistance to external factors is extremely important, including work in extreme conditions.

Examples of such features are:

  • water resistance- allows you to record underwater landscapes even up to 40 m under water,
  • freezeproof – the equipment works effectively in temperatures down to -10º C,
  • dustproof – it is mainly concerned with dusty environments,
  • resistance to falls from up to 2 m, unexpected shocks and impacts.

This equipment is ideal for winter sports enthusiasts, or you can attach it to the handlebars of your bike. Resistance to weather conditions is the main feature

The camera will work well for skiing, cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, mountain hiking and climbing. As you can see it will work in a variety of situations.

A great complement will be the purchase of a sports watch. A smartband is very useful for athletes or physically active people. The band can remind you to start physical activity. This feature will be useful not only for athletes. People who are into running can purchase a smartband with GPS and gas pedal. This will allow you to make a precise measurement of the number of steps taken, distance and check the route traveled. This is great for both younger and older people. You can connect the watch through an app to publish your activity on social media

Have you ever thought about such a purchase?

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