What are the types of aquascaping?

Chandler Lee
What are the types of aquascaping?
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Aquaristics becomes more and more popular in Poland. Every enthusiast of this hobby wants his aquarium to be developed and become more and more beautiful.

Here aquascaping comes with help. It is a kind of art of creating underwater landscapes. What are the types of aquascaping and where can you learn a little more about it? About this you will learn in the following article.

Dutch aquarium (plant)

Aquascaping is divided into two, most popular forms. The first of them is Dutch aquaristics, commonly called plant-based. It consists of creating aquariums that base their beauty on, as the name suggests, lush vegetation. This art is also based on numerous rules that involve placing or not placing plants in specific places, on a specific plan etc. It is certainly a more demanding art as the cultivation and care of the plants is very important throughout the exhibition cycle of this exhibit. Currently, there are dozens of aquascaping festivals and exhibitions around the world every year dedicated to the Dutch-type aquarium.

Japanese (landscape) aquariums

When creating such works, aquascapers first compose the so-called hardscape. It is a kind of arrangement of underwater landscape “dry”, i.e. before – that is, before the tank is flooded with water. It is built directly in the glass or outside it. A sandbox can also be used for this, which serves as the basis for the landscape. Japanese aquascaping is also extremely popular, with different variations on the theme gaining huge publicity on the Internet.

Where can I learn more about aquascaping?

Aquascaping is an art just like any other. It has its own audience, which grows every year. If we are mobilized to learn a little more about it, there are certainly a few things to know.

First of all, current and past aquascaping festivals are a real feast for every enthusiast. You can gain great inspiration from them to create your own underwater landscapes and see the art straight from the masters.

The second place is of course the Internet – Youtube, aquarium forums and e-books. In recent years, there have been dozens of guides and tutorials related to aquascaping.

The third place is of course learning on your own tanks. Here, of course, we have to reckon with many failures, modifications and sacrifice a lot of time, but only in this way we can get into the flow of aquascaping.

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