Unboxing the Magic: A Search for the Perfect Unicorn Blind Box

Cezary Heller
Unboxing the Magic: A Search for the Perfect Unicorn Blind Box
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We all know about magic and the fantastic, unexplainable things it can do. But how does magic actually work? Who sets up the tricks? And what makes some of them so much better than others? Let’s take a look at the world of unicorn blind boxes, an industry that is filled with mystery, wonder, and oh-so-much glitter.


The magic box of mystery is a long time staple of many comic book and toy stores. It contains a random assortment of toys or collectibles each individually wrapped in opaque packaging, so customers have no idea what they will get when they buy one. In recent years, these types of boxes have become popular outside of comic books and toy stores as well. Each figure is packaged individually so that buyers do not know which character they will receive until after they open it up and take it out of its wrapping. Some people like to purchase them because they want to try to collect all possible characters within a particular franchise while others enjoy buying them because it gives them an opportunity to obtain rare items. Still, blind boxes are fun for both collectors and kids alike!

What is a blind box?

The blind box is a product packaging design that allows customers to buy an unknown quantity of a certain product in hopes of receiving that specific item. These boxes are also known as mystery packs or surprise packets. The term blind box comes from their earliest form of toy vending machines which were, indeed, boxes with solid sides so you couldn’t see what was inside without opening it up. But vending machines aren’t the only place you’ll find blind-boxed goods these days; many online retailers use them to encourage browsing through their stores by enticing shoppers with exclusive or limited edition products like collectible figures or holiday-themed items.

The appeal of finding a unicorn

The world of blind boxes is full of surprises, but nothing is quite as exciting as when you land a truly special figure. If you’re in search of one-of-kind collectibles, look no further than blind boxes and mystery minis from Stores!  There are several different kinds of these products available, each with its own set of unique challenges to overcome. Some blind boxes can be extremely difficult to find and that’s where unicorn figures come into play. These rare finds don’t just make your collection more valuable, they also provide an unparalleled thrill when you open them up. That feeling of surprise and excitement never gets old, even if you have opened hundreds or thousands of blind boxes over time. It might sound crazy, but there really is something magical about unboxing a unicorn!

How to buy a blind box?

 In the online store, you’ll find more than 100 different collections. If you are considering buying blind boxes, here are some tips for you to check out first. To save money, check out the blind boxes for sale on the website. It’s possible that you’ll find a sale or a discounted product that will allow you to buy more than you originally planned to spend. If there is anything in particular that you want, look for that one item on your shopping search and see if any store offers free shipping. 


A collection of favourite characters should be gathered by purchasing individual figures, signing up for email alerts, and knowing the schedule of new arrivals at toy stores and toy-related websites. I can personally assure you that if you really want to find something rare, then visiting the website is a good way to go.

main photo: unsplash.com/June Gathercole

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