What is snooker and how does it differ from billiards?

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What is snooker and how does it differ from billiards?
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Snooker and billiards are games that have different rules. What are the main differences between the two games?

A short history of billiards

The game of billiards and its different variations is an excellent way to spend free time with friends. There are numerous billiard clubs all over the country, which gather enthusiasts of this game. However, hardly anyone realizes how old the game of billiard is. It is more than 500 years old. Of course, in its original version it differed significantly from the game we know today. The main difference was that the first tables did not have cushions. It was only with the passing of time that holes were created, into which the hit balls go, and the rules of the game evolved considerably.

What are the most popular varieties of billiards?

Snooker is one of the varieties of billiards. Some people believe that they are two separate games, but this is not the case. Apart from snooker, there are also eight and nine. All these varieties have common features. In order to play the game you will need two players, a table of appropriate dimensions, as well as cues and balls. It may also be useful to have a referee, who will have the final say in the most controversial issues. The table for traditional billiards (eight ball) has six holes. The task of the player is to pocket all the balls (colored or half – depending on which one he plays with). However, the game does not end at the moment of clearing the table of all your own balls. In order to defeat the opponent you still have to put a black ball in his declared pocket.

Did you know that…? ?

There are three main variations of billiards in the world:
? carambol – played on tables without cushions
? pool…

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Snooker – a unique variation of billiards

Most people who are passionate about snooker started their adventure with table games usually with billiards. It seems that in classic billiards, the rules of the game are a bit simpler. Snooker is defined as a game for the representatives of higher classes. This can be seen at first glance; it is unacceptable for a player to approach the table if he is not dressed in a certain way. Since the 19th century, that is since snooker was born, the players must present themselves elegantly. If you turn on the snooker games on one of the popular sports television channels, you can see that the players always have perfectly ironed shirts, a bow tie tied at the neck and a vest.

The rules of snooker

What snooker and billiard have in common is that both games are played on tables with the difference that snooker is played on tables of bigger dimensions. The differences can also be seen in the balls. The traditional eight ball is made up of colored balls and halves. In the case of snooker, during the game the players must alternate the red balls (at the beginning of the game there are 15 of them on the table) with the colored balls (there are 6 of them – yellow, brown, green, blue, pink, black). The difference between the red balls and the colored balls is that the colored balls are returned to the table. Their place is not random, however, but specifically designated by the rules of the game. For placing each ball in the shell, the player receives a certain number of points. Players take turns at the table, as soon as the opponent makes a mistake.

Tactical play

Snooker is unique for several reasons. Some may be impressed by the elegance of the players. For others, the key will be the tactical gameplay, which is a bit more complex than traditional billiards. Not only can each player score points by pocketing the ball, but they can also count on gaining an extra bonus when an opponent commits a foul. Each player can work out such a situation. It is enough to play the stroke in such a way, that in the end, the white ball is in a position, in which it will not have a contact on a straight line with another ball, which should be played. Snooker, however, is not a reason to give up a play. Bands come into play then, and the players demonstrate their ability to put the balls into rotation. The game is over when the table is cleared of all the balls. A player may also abandon the table when they feel that the point difference is so great that they cannot close the gap.

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