ABC of bridge – a short course for beginners

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ABC of bridge – a short course for beginners
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Cards can be played for pleasure or for a touch of competition. Bridge is one of the few team card games. Here is a brief guide for beginners.

Want to play bridge? Find a pair!

Four people are needed to play bridge. However, this game is unique. In other games, everyone usually plays each other. In this case, the game is played in pairs. The players at the game table are seated in such a way that they have a person from the opposing team on their left side. Unfortunately, if you want to learn to play bridge, you’ll need to find a companion to form a team with. There is also always the online game. Many cities have bridge clubs for lovers of this card game. If you lack company for cards, you can join a club where you will have a chance to improve your playing technique under the guidance of experienced players.

How to play bridge?

To play bridge, in addition to four players, you will also need a full deck of cards consisting of 52 pieces. The cards are dealt to all players, so each player receives 13 cards in his hand. The strongest suit in bridge is spades and the weakest is clubs. During the course of the game the hands are dealt one after the other, and the task of each player is to estimate how many cards he/she will be able to take. The winner is determined by whether the pair that declared the contract manages to collect a sufficient number of lefts. If not, the opposing team wins the hand.

Blinds – what cards does partner have?

The key element of a bridge game is cooperation between players of the same team. This is made more difficult by the fact that during a bidding game, it is not only the opponent who does not know what cards he holds, but also what his teammate holds in his hand. During the game being played, you cannot set strategy with another member. The only communications that are allowed are those concerning wist signals and bidding responses.

How does the bidding process work in bridge?

Before the teams begin to play, there is a betting session. The first player to bid is the one who dealt the cards, and then the next player bids clockwise. The betting is over when three players have folded, i.e. not re-raised. If all players at the table fold, then the cards have to be dealt again, and the betting starts over again.

Bidding can be done in two ways. The betting can proceed in two ways: one is to increase the number of estimated lefts, and the other is to raise the trump flush. The oldest card in bridge is spades. The point of betting is to find out how many more cards your opponent will take, but the binding result is for the whole team and not for any individual player.

Natural Bidding Algorithm.
May be downloaded, duplicated, and used for training with the caveat of providing…

Published by Jarka Kostrzewego School of Bridge Monday, November 3, 2014

The bridge game, or how to complete a contract

If the bidding is over (three players have to fold), it is time to start the game. The quarterback is the person from the pair who first indicates a flush (or no-trump) in a valid contract. The other players are the grandpa (the quarterback’s partner) and the defense (the opposing team). The player to the left of the dealer starts the hand. The player to the left of the quarterback makes the hit. The next step is for the grandpa to place his cards on the table in such a way that they are visible – the grandpa’s partner, the quarterback, uses two decks during the game. The player who puts the oldest card on the table takes the left one. If the pair succeeds in fulfilling the previously written contract, they receive points. If the players have collected fewer left than they declared, then the points go to the opposing team.

Bridge – why is it so special?

Some people think that playing cards is a waste of time, others point to the social aspect of the game. However, it should be remembered that the game of bridge is an excellent exercise in logical thinking, which will be useful to players of all ages! Want to learn to play bridge? Sign up for a bridge club or look for a free tutorial!

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