RV vacation travel – this is what you need to consider!

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RV vacation travel – this is what you need to consider!
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With the vacation season just around the corner, many people are already planning their dream vacation. Crazy adventure in an RV is a very tempting and increasingly popular option. Especially young, adventurous people, not so much for comfort, are willing to decide on caravanning. See how to plan a vacation in an RV!

Renting a camper

The first and very deliberate decision you need to make is which camper to choose. They vary in size, quality, interior standard and of course price. Depending on what you expect from your vacation, choose the right car model. If it is only a few days trip to the lake and the camper is to be your hotel, it is better to bet on a more expensive model with greater comforts. On the other hand, if you are planning on sightseeing, traveling all over Poland and its surroundings, and the camper is just a place where you will catch a few hours of sleep before the next adventure, it is better to spend less on renting a camperit is better to spend less on fuel and tickets to various interesting places.

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Vacation costs

In addition to renting a vehicle, you have to add fuel costs (and an RV can “drink” a lot of it), food, and parking fees, such as at a campground or parking lot, to a road trip vacation. You also have to provide your own food. Absolutely nothing is included in the price of an RV vacation, so for a small group of people, such a vacation can be expensive. The best thing to do is to gather a larger pack of friends and put together to rent a large enough camper.

Take into account that some places are only accessible by toll roads, and in different destinations prices for stops can vary greatly. Add to that entrance fees to museums, national parks and other tourist sites to see along the route and the numbers start to grow.

Remember also that an RV does not always allow you to cook hot meals. You may find that the kitchen in your RV is not working or there is no stove at all, only a countertop and a kitchen sink. In such case you will have to add the price of hot meals in roadside inns or pubs.


To make your road trip vacation a success, you should plan the route and attractions in advance. A spontaneous trip on a long road may end up with a long wandering or long wondering in which direction to go. Plan your route so that you can see as many interesting attractions as possible and not get bored. When planning your route you must also take into account how many drivers are going with you. It is very difficult to drive an RV alone for an entire vacation, so it is best to alternate between a few people every so often. This will give each vacationer time to relax and use their vacation time, instead of spending the entire trip in the cab. This point is even more important if you intend to drink alcohol on vacation. Then changing the driver every now and then will be the most fair option.

How to pack for a campervan trip?

Packing a bag or backpack for this type of trip depends largely on the nature of the trip. If you are going sightseeing and hiking, take two pairs of comfortable shoes, a rain and wind jacket, and athletic clothes. It’s also a good idea to bring a bathing suit, because then you can not only swim in the lakes, but also, for example, wash in a large group under a garden hose or communal shower at the campsite. Definitely bring mosquito and tick spray and sunscreen so you don’t get sunburned.

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