Hand knitting or how to start knitting

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Hand knitting or how to start knitting
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Are you dreaming of a soft, woolen scarf in an original color? You checked the offer of many stores, but nothing caught your eye? It is worth making it yourself. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Which yarn for a beginner?

If you are just beginning your adventure with knitting, it is worth buying thicker yarn. If you reach for a thin wool at the beginning, you can quickly get discouraged. Knitting with thin yarn is time-consuming and definitely more difficult than knitting with thicker wool.

Types of yarns

Fibers differ not only in thickness, but also in the material from which they are made. Although yarns are commonly referred to as wool, most of them have nothing to do with wool. Of course, you can also buy a yarn made of 100% sheep’s wool (or even alpaca wool). If you make a sweater or scarf out of it, it will certainly be a very warm part of your closet.

Cotton yarns are popular and are great for allergy sufferers. They are relatively inexpensive and come in many, often intense colors. They are ideal for making a warm scarf or sweater.

Cotton yarns …

…soft, delicate, non-allergenic and have a lot of colors.

You can make a sweater for …

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In haberdashery shops you will find also yarns made of polyester or acrylic. Their main advantage is a low price and the fact that they are not allergenic. The biggest disadvantage? They do not let air through. That is why this type of yarn is best used to make toys or dish mats.

What kind of yarn should I use for the first knitting?

It is worth knowing, that spaghetti yarn, which is elastic, will be perfect for starting. Thanks to that even a little bit uneven stitch will look good. Remember, however, that spaghetti yarn is not suitable for making clothing. Use it to make a rug or pillowcase.

First knitting – what kind of knitting to buy for first knitting?

Wondering what kind of knitting is worth choosing for the beginning? The smallest wires are numbered 2 and the largest are numbered 16. As the first knitting is best done with thick yarn, it is worth buying thick wires to start with, preferably in size 12 or higher.

Types of knitting needles

The size of the wires is not everything. You also need to think about what type of knitting needles you will choose. There is a lot of choice, in the store you will find, among others, wires

plastic – their main advantage is a low price, which unfortunately is not associated with the comfort of knitting. Works on plastic wires do not move smoothly;

wooden / bamboo – smooth, light, ecological, they have many supporters;

metal – we recommend them for beginners. Metal wires are usually covered with brass and it is very easy to move the knitting on them, which facilitates the smoothness of work even for the first projects.

Special attention should be paid to wires connected with a fishing line – it is a very practical solution, because the knitting does not strain your hands and you can freely put it on your lap. For this reason, wires with a line are recommended for large knitting projects.

We were talking about yarns, so it would be useful to knit something.

For knitting the best are knitting and crochet.

Today, it will be about knitting …

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First knitting

You already know that learning to knit is best started with thick yarn and size 12 or larger wires. So it is worth considering where to start learning to knit. We recommend a scarf to start with! You will learn how to take the eyelets on the wire, and also how to make right and left eyelets. You can find many videos online on how to knit a scarf step by step.

Start knitting today!

Knitting is the perfect hobby for an evening out. The repetitive motions and relaxed pace of knitting help you de-stress after a hard day. Try it out, it might be the perfect craft for you!

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