How do you prepare your boat for a summer trip into the unknown?

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Chandler Lee
How do you prepare your boat for a summer trip into the unknown?
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Just like your car, your boat also needs regular maintenance to ensure proper safety and comfort during your trip. Today, we present a list of the most important things to do before setting sail into the unknown.

Task list

Make a list of boat prep tasks. Experienced survivalists

have a second sense when it comes to what to focus on when preparing or restoring a boat. As a new owner or novice, you will learn over time what is needed. Before that, however, you should make a list. The longer the list, the better. Longer lists mean more preparation and maintenance, of course, but the more work and effort you put into your boat, the more enjoyable the boating experience will be.
Here are the most important things to include in the list:
– General housekeeping (hull, deck, superstructures);
– Check all drains for clogs;
– Wash the boat and apply a coat of wax to protect the paint;
– Clean wood trim and oil it;
– Clean fixtures such as windows, hatches, blinds and any other parts;
– Check for general damage such as scratches, blisters;
– Check your ladder, trim, rails, rudder and hardware;
– Check your post, pulpits, fenders and other items on deck;
– Check your port lights to make sure they are working. Replace any bulbs that are burned out or damaged;
– Check your bottom valves, make sure they work and are lubricated;
– Check your hoses and clamps;
– Look at your water hoses;
– Check your bilge pumps, make sure both their automatic and manual functions work;
– Check your electrical systems, see if the battery is still good or needs to be charged or replaced;
– Look at major contact points for corrosion and other wear;
– Check all visible wires to see if they are frayed (also check for animal damage);
– Make sure all indicators are working;
– Check and replace damaged fuses;
– Check your antennas, make sure they are transmitting the signal properly;
– Check all of your safety equipment, such as a bosun, which you purchase at;
– Have your engine inspected or serviced by a certified mechanic – you may need to change your engine oils;
– Other things to check include fuel filters, cooling system fluids, belts, transmission fluid, water filter and bilge blower;
– If your boat uses sails, check their overall condition – make sure they are in working order and make sure all lines are in order and not frayed.

Make sure you have useful items in case, for example, the power goes out (candles, a zippo gasoline lighter, a flashlight will be useful).

Don’t treat your boat the way most people treat their cars. Take a little extra time to check all of its parts to make sure they are working properly, because getting stuck in the water is a scary experience that can be avoided with regular maintenance.

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Published by Sailing Shop Nativity Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Divide your list

You can divide your list any way you want. Typically, boat owners make lists based on specific areas of their boats, specific problems, specific deck items, and more. You can make a list that covers only electrical problems that need to be fixed immediately, one that covers getting your boat ready for the outdoors, and one based on the quickest tasks (all the way down to the most time-consuming). The choice is yours!

Check the list twice!

If you want your boat to last until next season, check your list several times and make sure that every possible problem with your boat has been addressed. For example, if you forget to address the problem of your boat rusting, it is likely that the rust will spread, potentially causing even more damage. So it’s worth protecting yourself in advance.

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