Paintball tactics – what to do to win?

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Chandler Lee
Paintball tactics – what to do to win?
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Paintball is a dynamic team game where players have a specific goal to complete. This can be capturing a base, running a VIP, or capturing a flag. Each of these modes has its own rules, but there are a few golden rules that, if followed, greatly increase your chances of winning. So what do the basic paintball tactics look like?

Starting the game and the rule of not stopping

Paintball is a game that is dynamic and rather so-called campers don’t stand much of a chance in it if they want to force their style on the battlefield. Sooner or later they are surrounded and mercilessly shot with paintballs. This is why it is so important to move around the game area properly. The start of the game should begin by running as fast as you can to the previously agreed place. It is also not allowed to stop in the open space. If we want to reach a particular goal, we have to run. Sudden hesitation, returning to the previous place, or falling to the ground in the open space, will always equals to the fact that we die. It is also important to choose such a running path, so that it is as safe as possible.

Think, analyze, aim

In paintball the game is not only about aiming and shooting. Tactics and analysis are very important. Therefore, before we start the game, we can visualize the route we will run, how we will behave in a particular situation, or where we will set up an ambush for the enemy. It is also worth drawing a line of the playing field, which will make it much easier to keep the rhythm of the game. Planning for different situations is very important. The so-called preparation of a plan B, or even C, gives us more opportunities to avoid failure and save time. Also important is the rule of holding the marker right in front of us, even more so if we move on terrain with hills. Thanks to this we will aim exactly where we run and where we look. Moreover, we will shoot the enemy faster than he will shoot us.

Avoiding hits is a recipe for a long game, but it is impossible to do it like in the famous movie “matrix”. Therefore, you should…

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Stay low on your feet, but maintain a great overview of the field

The most important thing to do is to stay low on your feet, but keep a good overview of the field. In addition, it is more difficult to hit such an opponent, and he can move between obstacles much more efficiently. Keeping an overview of the entire playing field is an additional advantage, because you can adjust your behavior to the situation on it. Many beginning players forget to react and adopt the tactic that they must survive at all costs. Let’s not fool ourselves – if the companions are knocked out, they can do nothing on their own.

Communication is essential

If at some point problems arise, we should call for help our companions. Then the opponent will surely start to withdraw slowly. Very often hits in paintball are quiet, which makes it impossible to hear that one of our colleagues fell out of the game. Communication is therefore fundamental. The opposing team should be aware of the fact that they have a rival on the other side of the game, who is well-tuned and able to overcome the biggest problems. For beginners it is advisable to stay close to an experienced player. A simple request for help can boost his ego, which will also translate to the morale of others.

A little bit of madness can help you win

Playing too conservatively is not a good option. So during the match it is worth to think about some unconventional plays, which will surprise the opponent. The less predictable we are, the better for us. However, if so far no tactics have brought the desired effect, maybe it is worth to start doing everything in reverse? In paintball, we need to be able to anticipate the rival’s steps and at the same time develop such steps ourselves that will not be predictable for him.

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