Buying your first aquarium. It is an ideal hobby for people looking for relaxation

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Chandler Lee
Buying your first aquarium. It is an ideal hobby for people looking for relaxation
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Aquarium hobby is an excellent hobby for people of all ages. What are its main advantages? How to set up my first aquarium?

Aquarium hobby and its advantages

Why should you consider starting your aquarium hobby today? First of all, fish are undemanding. Unlike dogs, they do not require regular walks, do not soil the apartment, and do not damage furniture. What is more, fish do not make any noises. Research shows that fish have a calming effect on our body. The characteristic humming of an aquarium soothes the nervous system, improves mood, lowers blood pressure and stabilizes heartbeat. Watching fish swimming in it is a kind of meditation and a way to simulate creativity. These animals can be kept without any fear by people suffering from various types of allergies. Taking care of them takes only a few minutes a day. Buying an aquarium for a child, you can teach him regularity and responsibility. It cannot be omitted that an aquarium looks very impressive, what makes it an excellent decoration of a house or apartment.

How to decide on an aquarium size?

The size of an aquarium must be adjusted according to plant species and animals that will be kept in it. The more fish there are in it, the larger it should be. The available space is also an important consideration. Is a small aquarium a good starting point? Yes, it is easy to maintain, but it does not allow to fully develop the passion. Small aquariums do not provide enough space for the fish and do not allow them to build hideaways. As for the optimum size for beginner aquarium keepers, it should range from ca. 50 to ca. 100 liters. Special fish breeding balls are sometimes available in pet stores. Unfortunately, these do not guarantee an optimal environment for the animals. They do not provide the necessary living space and biochemical balance. Fish living in a ball usually do not survive more than a few months.

Which fish should I choose for my aquarium?

Among others guppies may inhabit the home aquarium. They are an easy-to-keep species that can be kept in water of different temperatures and hardness levels. Blue millipedes are also a good fish for beginners. They are peaceful, herbivorous fish with a characteristic growth on their snout. They require a piece of wood as to be able to digest their food in peace. Ramirez cichlids are also suitable for keeping in an aquarium. These fish grow to a length of 5 cm and mate permanently. Red neon is another recommended species. This friendly fish looks very impressive in darkened aquariums.

Essential elements of aquarium equipment

What cannot be missing in an aquarium? First of all, a filter that has the task to keep the water clear and to clean it. Each aquarium should be equipped with an aerator enriching the water with oxygen. It should also have proper lighting. It is important because most of the aquarium fish originate from the tropical zone, where day and night last 12 hours each. The aquarium should also be equipped with heating. The water temperature should be adapted to the requirements of the species. What else should be placed in an aquarium to make it look impressive and pleasing to the eye, while providing the fish with optimal living conditions? Various decoration types should be taken care of. This category includes, among others, plants (they are an inseparable element of the fish’s natural environment) that improve water quality and its oxygenation as well as clean it off various toxins. It is also worth adding stones, wood, substrate and background to the aquarium.

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